Sunday, August 1, 2010

Understanding dyslexia

I have been wanting to do this for a long loonggg time. I have always been wanting to write for quite some time. About things that matter to me. Things that I continuously seek understanding. One of them is understanding dyslexia. My 3rd child is dyslexic. Big M..or fondly called Ms Lexy :-) is one of the reasons I quit my corporate job 2 years ago. Glad I did it. But we are continuously struggling. I hope one day she will find her strength, and grow up to be somebody that can proudly pursue her passion and make a difference in this world.

Ms Lexy is struggling again in school. I can see the symptoms all over her. The stress. The fighting with siblings. The stealing. The lying.The excuses of not going to school.BIIIIGGG SIGH. I even consider homeschooling for her. But after talking to her teachers, and hubby...I decided to wait until end of the year. I am not sure whether homeschooling will solve the problem or aggravate the issue. Probably struggling at school will help her cope? If I do homeschool her, how long can I homeschool her? Will she ever survive if we keep on protecting her? Can I shoulder the responsibilities of homeschooling her? Oh gosh...the thinking alone can paralyse me...anyway...her final assessment is coming soon. October. So I have decided to put together all those info that I have been googling on multisensorial learning and apply to her. Come on ummi....stop thinking, start doing. That's a huge challenge okay...coz moi is the Queen of super duper procrastinator...;-)

We'll see how it goes. I will update the progress. My progress and her progress. Pray for us...pray for me to discover the gift in her...and not to lose my head in the process:-P