Sunday, February 27, 2011

Maher Zain

I love MZ. I love the fact that he's making a difference with his music. This is the guy whom I was told, frequented the Shah Alam mosque every morning for his tahajud during his visit to Malaysia last year. And yes, he's very good looking too. Drool all u want people. But he's not just a pretty face...he's probably one of the few singers who sounds much better live than he's in recording.

We went to the concert last night. Me n Hajar. Hajar was so excited. So did I. First time ever going to a concert. So the very jakunnnnn :) Concert started at 9pm and finished around 11.30pm. So I was quite sleepy towards the end....yawnnnnn...past my bed the sooo very not happening aunty :P And dearest Hajar fell asleep halfway through. The effect of running in cross country in school in the morning. Poor girl.

And a few friends of mine. And it was Ana's birthday too, and I didn't knew it until she texted us when I reached home.

Anyway he sang really reaaaallly well.  And masyaallah, to hear people chanting lailahailallah, barakallah and the selawat was just simply amazing. This guy was simply amazing. Irfan Makki, Mesut Kurtis , Inteam, and Fadli from Padi (Indonesia) were great too, though I had no idea what they are singing....hahahaha...note to self...must listen to more nasyid...

It'so refreshing to see a singer sings about god and Islam and Rasulullah in a non preachy way.  Great company, great concert, glad we went. Alhamdulillah. Great job MZ. May Allah bless u.

PS. Thank u Mr Onn for being my chauffeur for the night...tee hee :)

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  1. next time u plan to go ajak i eh ... this morning anak i tanya (MZ die hard fan nih .. habis sume lagu dia hafal dh), "MZ ada buat concert ye?" i rasa kwn dia citer ni... & dia minta i bawa dia next time.

    lupa la... ana bday sama dgn I,kan. 27 feb.