Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sweet schweet 15

Yesterday was my 15th wedding anniversary. This is us in Tasmania way back in 1996. Just married. Still studying. Madly in love. Sweet young thing ;)

So what to cook??? Just another reason to bake lah kan? Since I still got lots of lemon curd left, and Mr O hates chocolate cake, and kiddos don't really like carrot cake though it's Mr O's favourite...I need to think think think...what should I cook taht everybody will tadaaaaa :) My first ever cheese cake. Lemon curd cheesecake. Lucky it turned out well. Today it's all gone ;)
 And because I cooked nice cheesecake, I got this from Mr O...hahahaha. Niceeeee ;)
But until today, Mr O is still fiddling with the thingy, coz the wifey is no Ms Gadget let him set up everything before I dump my cheap phone. I definitely can wait :)


  1. huhu... kurus sungguh kamu dulu ye ... hihi ;)

  2. hehehe...suamiku lagi kurus keding wehh...

    ain nak tanya...camane u get notification when people comment on your blog? or bila ada updates kat blog yg kita follow?? sorry eh soalan sgt budussss ;)

  3. sorry dear aku baru nampak. ni... bawah ni, ada subscribe by email, ko klik situ. kalau ko komen org punya, nnt ada 1 checkbox, "email follow-up comment" ... ko tick tu before submit komen tu.

  4. Lindot,
    Bila ko start falling 'madly in love' with Mr O? ;-) Kat AUSMAT tak de angin2 pun..hehe..

  5. hehehe..itu soalan cepumas tu...sometimes when u r down under, otak pun can be upside down, jadik bengong jap...macam2 buleh jadi...pendek cerita dah jodoh lah kaaaannn ? :-)

  6. UMI CAN WE PLEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASE BAKE THIS?!?! -Your totally awesome daughter.