Sunday, February 6, 2011

When life gives you lemon, you make lemon curd...

An FB friend posted this. I have never tasted lemon curd in my life, at least as far as I can remember. The doughnut look so sinful. Can't stop myself from drooling. Followed the recipe but it was too tedious for me. An excuse of denial for not being so skilful and demure in the kitchen...hahahaha. Somehow when I sandwiched the two layers of doughnut, the lemon curd filling keep spilling. So messy. Maybe because it's still warm and runny. Anyway, I figured out the better way, just fry the doughnut first, then cut it into half and spread the lemon curd. This way, I can keep the doughnut in the fridge, and only put the lemon curd before serving. The product was so yummy. The tangy strong lemon flavour of the filling just complement buttery doughnut. Heavenly.
Then I get crazier. Was not so happy with the lemon curd. So I found another recipe from videojug. So I did it again. And was very pleased with the end product. That recipe gave me almost 3 bottle of lemon curd. God knows how lemony everybody's life will be after this....I am driving Mr O nuts since he's not a fan of lemon....hahahaha

So what else can I cook with this heavenly yummylicious thingy? Made the lemon mousse fruit tart. It wasn't mini. I used the muffin pans, so they were quite big and only managed to get 12 tarts. Gone in a flash. Note to self; next time double triple the recipe ;P
Still have lots of lemon curd in the fridge. A friend is coming for tea. Maybe a lemon curd cheesecake?? We'll see ;-)


  1. hoho... i found u here, & let me be the first to follow u ;)... ain/ghai ni la... weii.. aku pun dh terjangkit dgn ko nye promo on fb psl lemon curd... dh lama nmpk org buat lemon curd ni. tapi ko craziness tu sungguh la membantu .. pulak mmg ada 5 biji lemon kat rumah.. terus google recipe n follow video jug punya.

  2. aiseymannnn...malu ahhh...hehehe...but seriously ain, i suka donut tu...hari ni buat lagi...hahaha...pasal tak yah tunggu benda tu naik2, uli2 masuk fridge kejap dah boleh goreng...if u decide to do teh doughnut, half kan the recipe okay...coz best makan fresh, and the recipe tu banyak sgt utk sekali makan....