Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Losing my mojo...

I honestly think I have lost my research. My phd work has been stagnant for the past few months. To be exact, almost 6,7 months already....I have been reading and rereading the same stacks of paper to finalize my method, and nothing makes any sense. The more I read about all these genomic, proteomics, microarray, ohhhhh WTF lah drives me nutsss. That explains my frequent diversion to FB, though really there's not much interesting thing there...but it's kinda escapism for me. And I think my lack of progress is driving my supervisor nutsss too...hahahaha...poor him. And for some weird reason, I still have this strong feeling I will work things out and finish in May next year. Am I being foolishly naive OR just plain optimist? Whateverrrrr....;)

My papers are everywhere. On the floor, on the dining table, on the sofa, on the bed. The same stacks of papers.

And over the weekend, I have filed them and shove it in the cupboard. Out of sight out of mind....I am so in denial :P And naturally, the more confused I am with all the scientific mumbo jumbo, the more active my Kitchen Aid will be. It's a wicked diversion.

My very comot triple layer chocolate cake. I love it coz it's not too sweet. But the kids think it's a tad too bland. So you can imagine who will be finishing the whole cake. Oh god...I seriously need to lose some weight :-( to to find my mojo....where are u?? seriously????? SIGHHH...


  1. mmm.. mojo mojo where r u? ;P kek tu nampak yummeh!! recipe?

  2. sangat comot lah ain...keras sungguh tgn ku link dia