Monday, April 4, 2011

I didn't scream today...and whoaaa it feels damn great!!

Every morning, it is madness in our house. I will be screaming. Onn will be screaming. But of course I'm louder than him. Comb your hair. Get out of the bathroom. Tuck in your shirt. Clean up your room. Eat your breakfast. E-a-t-t-t-t-t your breakfast!!!. Hurry up u r late. Then somebody will come to me without fail..."Umi, do u see my sports attire? do u see my books? do u see my bra? do u see my pencil????? And somebody will usually leave something behind. The lunch box. The guitar. The violin. The books. etc. etc. etc.

And I end up being a very angry mommy. Angrier than the angry birds..ready to smash anything that comes my way.....hahaha

It is such a horrible way to start your day. By the time they are all out of the house and it's just me alone, I can't even enjoy my coffee. My mood is so screwed up.

And not to mention I will be left with their messy rooms. Towels on the floor. Clothes on the floor. Books on the floor. Whatever that you can think and can't think of are on the floor, on the bed, on the work station. The closets look like they have just been ransacked. And once the rooms have reach my limit and I can't stand it anymore, I will clean it up...and end up with major sinus attack for days due to the amount of dust and rubbish they have accumulated in their room. I will nag them, and they will say OK (which is their polite version of yeah umi, shut up and leave us alone pleaseeee) and the vicious cycle continues.

It bothers me a lot. It makes me doubt my decision not to send them to boarding school. Will they grow up as people with no living skill? No leadership skill at all?? Do I pamper them too much? I live away from my parents since I was 11. I was in boarding school when I was 13. Doing my own laundry, ironing my own clothes, studying on my own...without anybody telling me I have to on earth it's possible? And looks sooooo impossible for my kids? The "priviledged kids"??

So yesterday, I finally did something that I have been wanting to do for quite some time, but never get around it. Onn is of course indifferent about it. He's at the moment more concerned with how many pigs & monkeys he can killed...SIGHHH. (please remind me to hide my phone from my husband :P) But I told him I have a feeling it will work.

So at 2pm yesterday, I implemented the merit & demerit system. Hahahaha...just like my old school days. We used to hate it. A LOT. But here's the catch. My kids don't have pocket money, coz they bring their lunch box to school. So I don't see the need. But all their friends bring money to school. LOTS of money. So they kinda tell me subtlely a few would be good if we have pocket money. Yeah I know that. I am just being hard, coz we don't want them to waste money. And it's always been hard for them to buy stuffs, coz they need our permission, and our money. So I told them with this system, they have $100 to start with. But they will get their cash only by the end of the month. Any demerit will cost them $2, major demerit will cost them $10. And if they do something good, i.e out of the normal expected stuffs, they will earn $5.  So it's all about the moneyyyyyy :)

So here's the demerit list. It's basically all those things that make me nag and scream endlessly. The same *^%ing things everyday.

And the merit & major demerit. Major demerit is the BIG crime. Merit is the extra thing they can do.

And their house chores. The chores I have been trying to get them to do, and they will say OK, and I will end up doing them.

So how's the outcome since yesterday?? Well, I am very happy to say, somebody (as in Ms Super Duper Kiasu Hajar Nadhirah) washed the dirty dishes in the sink, cleaned the toilet  & prayed on time voluntarily (all in the name of earning extra points)..oh yes...she even hug Emily last night and asked me whether that will give her extra $5..claiming it was a very sincere act....I told her if it's a sincere hug then u will not be asking for $5...hahahaha...BUSTED!!!

They packed their school bag last night, the rooms were cleaned (reasonably) before they go to bed, lights were off and all were asleep by 11 (I even caught Luqman rushing to do stuffs...on other days, he will just take his own sweet time), Luqman was ready for school by 7.20am today, constantly checking the time, (my dear zombie Luqman okayy) shirt tucked in, hair combed, breakfast eaten....very handsome and ready for 7.30am they are out of the house and me & Onn haven't scream OR nag anybody....whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa this has never happen in my entire life okayyyy!!! And I have never had so much fun deducting money from people...hahahaha. So this is the standing as of this morning :-)

I am not sure how long this will last. So far so good. And they get really2 competitive...esp "u know who" :-) I hope this will work. Coz it solve a lot of problems. And it bring the best in them. As much as they hate my nagging and screaming, the feeling is soooo mutual my dear kiddos. So let's pray this will work ;-)


  1. OMG this is such a great idea!!! I hope it works for you.. how is it so far? I'd love to try this with my kids, dont know how far we'll get because mummy herself have trouble following up on daily tasks :P but its worth a try definitely!

  2. It the sense that they keep reminding themselves to do stuffs...stuffs that I use to nag tehm....but I think 1 month is too long to keep the momentum..and some people will run out of their money pretty2 sooonnnnn ;) I think 2 weeks is good enough to hold their interest. So I will be giving some cash next week :)

    Don't worry abt not ebing dilligent in following up. I cincai2 also...coz if I really2 follow, they are already bankrupt by now.

  3. Wow...rajinnye ko wat demerit system kat rumah. Yang nak kena check their points pun satu kerja gak..:-). But it's good then since it's working for them. Anak2 aku belum sampai that age lagi..:-). Tapi aku sudah kerah tenaga..haha..

  4. zura, kau tu stage honeymoon lagi tu, depa still kiut miut so adorable lagi :) when u reach a point u get sick of listening to your own scream n nagging, terpaksalah mencari alternative...dah nak masuk actually works...nak check points tu tak susah pun...kalu betul2 check dah lama bankrupt budak2 tu..aku tak lah ikut betul2 hari2....tapi benda2 yg kena demerit tu benda2 yg hari2 aku kena menjerit kureng lah sket aku menjerit these days :)

  5. Hi there,I am new to your blog,I like as in capital LIKE your system.Nak ikutlah.:)