Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Losing a child

I watched Oprah's rerun this afternoon. Yes, SOOO guilty...was watching Oprah when I was supposed to be burying my head into the papers and digesting those scientific mumbo supervisor will not be happy...anyway I can get really distracted when it's too quiet. lame excuse :)

Anyway it was the interview with Marie Osmond who recently (well prob quite some time back already) lost her child. Her 18yo son committed suicide and this was the first time she talked about it. Picture is from Oprah's website.

I cried bucketss. Well, not suprising :) But I can really feel her pain. There are some stuffs that she said that I really like.

Instead of saying I'm proud of you to our kids, ask them "Are you proud of yourself?"
Her reason is you can't put self esteem in your child, they have to find it themselves.

"Tell your children they are not a burden"

"You'll be OK"
"I promise you it will get better"
We parents tend to overused the phrases.....sometimes things just don't get better. And at certain age, the kids stop believing that. From their perspectives, they feel they are at the end of the road when things doesn't work out.. that's when insanity begins.

Laughter is the best gift we could ever have, and could ever give. She finds talking about him with her other kids therapeutic. It helps the healing process.

Take the time to see what's important to your child.

You can have all the knowledge in this world, but you cannot have wisdom. You acquire wisdom as you go through life.

It was such an inspiring interview. May God gives her strength to move on.

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