Friday, April 1, 2011

She's progressing..and blossoming...albeit very very slowly ;)

Last night was Emily's first ensemble performance. I was so nervous, so did she. She came back from school grumpy claiming she's tired and didn't want to perform. But of course we eventually make her go ;-) Her hand was ice cold. But I think it was a very good exposure and experience for her.

Her less than 40sec moment of fame....Twinkle2 little star....tadaaaa ;)
She has progressed quite a bit with the violin. There was a point when I had my doubts. Especially when she first started last year. Even the teacher thought she should change instrument. Maybe piano would be easier to master. I am so glad we persist and pursue. The problem with her at school is there are too many students taking up violin. And naturally, Emily will withdraw and drift away and get left behind. And I don't think she clicked so well with the 1st tutor. She only showed progress (as in I saw her practising more at home) when she started having lesson with Ms Yeoh. So I was quite upset when we cannot afford to continue with Ms Yeoh this year as her fees has gone up 3x to match her qualifications. (I can still remember Onn rolling his eyes with an adamant NOoooooo!! ;P)

But we have been very lucky. "We" as in me n her. Although moi can't play any instrument, and read any single musical notes...I am really pushing for this coz I want Emily to find her strength in something. My theory is once she find her strength in something, her confidence will improve, and of course this will eventually spill over to her academic performance. But it's a long shot. And not easy for me to convince my Finance Minister. Onn is more reluctant due to the expenses. But what the heck lah kaaannnnnn??

Okay back to the lucky story. Lucky she chose, and stick to violin instead of other instruments. Coz with violin she can perform. It gives her a platform. And it let her shine on her own, out from Luq, Hajar and Medina's shadows. Which is a herculean task for her. When she won the competition last year, I was so shocked...though it's only beginner's level, but I never expect she will win anything. And she's so proud of herself...much to the ire of the elder sister ;) But it also makes me realize I have underestimated her capabilities. I was so overwhelmed with her dyslexia that I didn't realize I can push her to get the best out of her.

And she is very lucky to go to a school that acknowledge she learn differently. This was her year end school concert last year. See how happy she is?? :-)

In her previous government school, there was not even a one millionth chance for her to be performing on stage. She will just be overshadowed by all other talented kids. But in Sapura, everybody participate. Talented or not. So that was good. She had fun preparing for the dance. Of course, she complained a lot too. Too tired, too hard, my leg hurts...bla bla bla.......but in the end I think she enjoyed the experience. It was really a confidence booster.

Today she came back from school and told me she got 52% for BM. Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! That was EXCELLENT for me n her okayyyy. Usually she will never pass anything...coz she usually submit almost an empty test paper. But thanks to Amy Chua...hahaha...I have been drilling her a bit last week to prepare for the exam this week. And walllaaaa...the result seems to concur with the tiger mommy kan?? kannn??? hahaha....but seriously it's so painful. There is so much work to do coz u literally have to teach her everything again, and again, and againnnn. I realized that for me to help increase her self esteem and confidence is for her to succeed. And for her to succeed she have to be ahead of the class....coz she takes longer time to understand last minute studying. She will just shut down. Just pray I have the patience, and enough will power to continue. Who says being a mother is easy right? Happy weekend ;-)


  1. proud of u .. and she is very lucky to have you as her mother!

  2. sama je kita ni ain...kalu dah jadik ibu tu gitu lah kaaaann? cubalah setakat terdaya ;)

  3. Bestnye, pandai this music teacher choreograph the whole piece and make them the stars!!Emily must have enjoyed the whole experience! How I wish we have something like this in Kch.. Yes I believe once she finds something she's good at, it will spill to her studies too, bagi semangat ! Funny how you say about her music school fees yang dah naik.. my kids have been in the same music school and their fees have been the same for the past 2 years...hmm it means the teachers are not putting a lot of effort in their prof development OR my kids are still at the same stage for the past2 years : (

  4. eh no lah Mel...I don't think the fees is any indicator of their capabilities...for emily, the school doesn't increase the fees...but this particular tutor Ms Yeoh is a new teacher there...she has a master in music...but when emily first started with her, it was during her probation, so the fees is still OK...after her probation they have to increase the fees only for student under her due to her qualification. Emily has changed tutor this year. I managed to find a girl operating from home with a reasonable rate. But the school has been nice to invite Emily to join their ensemble although she's no longer taking lesson there.

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