Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Getting fit and in shape.

As I get nearer to the big 4-0, I started feeling very sluggish. Plus I have gained quite a bit of weight. Well..probably more than a bit. Blame it on the countless cup of coffees. Anyway, watching how my parents struggled with their health in their 50's and 60's scares the shit out of me. At 50, Madonna is still looking h-a-w-ttttt ;) I remember seeing Mick Jagger performed in one of the shows and thinking...what the hell?? The dude is rocking the stage like nobody's 70+??? Anywayyyy,  our dearest Rasulullah (pbuh) was a very fit man too. He was actively fighting in war in his 50's.

So I started running beginning of the year. But I got very weak knee. So the knee pain started. Then I have been running on and off. Inconsistently. And the frequent evening rain doesn't help much. So I have found an alternative. Belly dancing...wooottt ;)

I have always wanted to dance. But I have 2 left feets. And I think I'm dyslexic too. Can never remember the steps. So I will look really stupid dancing with people. So thank you to youtube I can do it all by myself.

This is one video that I have been doing for quite a while. Zaheer Rafiq Arabic Belly Dance Fat Burning. Again, inconsistently. But I really sweats. And I like the steps coz it's not too strenuous like some other dance steps. Good for super beginner like me. There are 4 parts. The third part is the most challenging. But I enjoy the workout. Of course, watching the svelte dancers effortlessly working it out is the most painful part ;P
Sometime I complement the belly dance with the yoga exercise from here. This is super hard for me, but I think if I do it everyday, I should be more agile ;)

From time to time, I get a bit bored with the same routine. So I alternate the belly dance workout with another video from here.

I think, if I do this everyday, plus 30 minutes running 3 times a week, plus limiting my cuppa to strictly 1 cup a day (hence limiting my sugar intake), plus diligently taking my 5 serving of fruits & vege & 8 glass of water...I probably can shed 10kg by year end. Do you think so???? hahahaha...we'll see ;) 

Let's change the inconsistent to consistent first.


  1. macam tak caya je engkau dah gain weight :)

  2. anak patung je yg tak gain weight kot ;)

  3. haha same here - but its soo hard isnt it! apparently if you exercise with a friend - its easier as susah nak make excuses haha!