Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Mom n Dad were here for 10 days. They went back to Kota Bahru yesterday. The house felt kinda empty. The kids were complaining they should be here longer. My laundry will start piling up again...hehehe...coz mom will dilligently fold them everyday. I miss them.Terribly.

It's great to see how they perk up spending time with the grandchildrens. Despite their deteriorating health, they just look better. Dad was beaming with pride when Medina joined him for Maghrib prayer daily. He soo looked forward for it every night ;) He also bought a study lamp for Luqman, in his attempt to provide a conducive learning environment and inspire his only grandson. And I know he's really happy to see Hajar & Luqman going to tahfiz class on weekend...and seeing Hajar wearing her hijab ;)

To be honest, I am not very close to my parents. Our relationship has always been so formal. In addition, me and my siblings spend our growing up years away from them. The boarding school. The university years. And by the time I graduated, I was too busy with my own family. During those years, I had my fair share of fighting and disagreements with them. The biggest was probably my refusal to do medicine in India. I know my dad was so crushed.

Anyway, after 4 kids, I have come to realize parents are flawed. But most parents will work so hard to do their best in giving the best to their children. Maybe their best is not best enough. But we, the children... should learn to accept it & live with that. Our children should be taught to appreciate and respect their parents. Not holding the grudges of all the mistakes and the flaws.

Nowadays, I learn a lot just by observing my parents. Once your kids become adult, you don't have the power to change them anymore. Even if you don't like it. They have their own mind. Their own way. Their own life. So you have to swallow the heartache, the pain, the have to learn to let go. Something that my parents are really struggling with. Which also makes me more adamant to have all my kids close to me during their growing up years.

Need to make sure their foundation is strong. Spiritually and emotionally. Need to make sure they will have strong filial piety. Need to make sure they will love, respect & appreciate their parents unconditionally. Need to make sure they know all the sacrifices made. Need to make sure I don't have to tiptoe around them when I grow old. Need to...SIGHHH :P

It's just so sad and heartbreaking to see how my mom n dad are so disappointed with certain issues with my siblings, and yet  they have to tiptoe gingerly on the subject matter, not the other way round. The time when ironically, parents have to be careful with what they want to say, and what they want to do. And the children are not so careful with what they say, and what they do.

Anyway, on a happy2 note.....I was having my sugar crave yesterday. And since it was Mother's Day, it was just a perfect excuse for me to indulge myself ;) Bought this from Opera in Empire. For me n mom.

Berry mille crepe. Not bad. I actually quite like it. But Onn and kiddos don't really fancy it. My genetically so not adventurous brood ;P

For the uninitiated, Mille Crepe is a French dessert, basically made by many layers of very thin cooked pancake. There are some custards and other flavorings in between the layers, usually presented in slices, kinda like Cheesecake. Mille literally means a thousand, but in this case, there were 20 layers of crepe that made up this dessert. Opera has 2 type, Berry & Mascarpone. Maybe next time I should try Mascarpone ;)

In the afternoon, we went to KLIA to send off mom n dad. And while kids were having late lunch in KFC, the staffs gave away the gift. Sweet thought. Nice suprise. Love it. Though I hate the junks inside ;)
 The one who's enjoying the gift. And end up being so hyper after the sugar overdose.

Happy Mother's Day people ;) Mom & Dad, I love you...God bless all of us. Amen.

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