Monday, May 30, 2011

Ohhh school holiday....

Sometimes I wish there is no school holiday. Why do they need one anyway??

You need to make sure the pantry is stocked up. Because they will forever be hungry. And you need to make sure you cook something before you leave them at home. And even after you cook, they will still complain they are hungry. Or better still, they don't like what you cook, and they feel like eating something else.

Then you have to bear with the endless whining "I'm bored". Despite the myriads of options they have to occupy themselves... TV, computer, internet, Wii, Ipad, PSP, swimming pool, tennis court, badminton court, bicycle, loads of story books, board games, painting...what else ?????? Think about all those budak2 kampung yang keep themselves happy with batu and guli tu pleaseeee :P

And once they get bored of being bored...they will start bickering and annoying each other...without fail.

And oh yeahhhh...don't forget the money you have to spend and the effort you have to make to get the kids occupied. And the mess in the house...which look more like a scene from Dr Seuss's cat in the hat.

And amidst all these madness, I need to make sure I stay sober. Smile ummi...chill ummi....ohmmmmmm....ohmmmmm...(while the horn start growing on my head)
Life is gooooodddd...I love my kids...tralalalala...lalala...lalala.... ohhhmmmm...ohhhhmmmmm :P am I doing on the 4th day of school holiday this time? Not too bad I guess ;)

I get better every school holidays. This time, the demerit system and the daily schedule help a lot. At least the house and their room is pretty clean. The trick is to keep them busy. REALLY busy. But that is the hardest part.

And school holiday is the time to catch up with your studies...and get ahead of your class....ehemmm ehemmm...ooppsss...that's the tiger mommy in me speaking....but seriously...can't be all play no work right?? ;) BTW..there is a very nice write up on Amy Chua on yesterday's The Star. 

We did nothing on Saturday. Luq & Hajar had tahfiz class in the morning, and Onn was working in the afternoon. And I didn't want to go anywhere at night because I was anticipating the Barca vs MU game. So much of anticipation....dozed myself all the way through....woke up 4.30am..right on the 90th minute. damn pissed with myself...damn pissed bcoz Barca played awesomely....damn pissed "SOMEBODY" watched the game "ALONE"!!!! The only consolation is Barca won ;)

On Sunday, after the tahfiz class finished, we brought the kids to 1Utama. I hate going to shopping complex on weekend. Double hate when it's a school holiday. The crowds just give me spitting headache. But because I felt so obliged to treat the kids, had to brave myself through the crowds...not to mention had to drag my sleep deprived reluctant husband along.

First we went to Genius Aulad's story telling in MPH. Genius Aulad is an Islamic preschool using English as a medium. They have few branches in Klang Valley. Unfortunately, none anywhere near my neighbourhood. Which means my hunt for a good English Islamic kindy for Ms Maddie still continues.

Anyway, I love story telling. I think there should be more of this. And not only to preschoolers. Storytelling should be extended to bigger kids and tween and teenagers too. Such a powerful outlet to engage them and get your message across. And to inculcate the love of reading to the youngsters. The girls had fun. Hajar & Emily is a tad too old for this, coz I think the target audience is more of preschoolers. But they were chaperoning Medina....doing their part as the nice sisters...while reliving whatever child left in them... ;)

They had 2 storytelling sessions with 2 colouring activities and some singing and dancing and hokey pokey in between.

There were 2 drawing sessions. Three best drawings were chosen for each session.  And guess what?? Medina won.

And she won again ;)

She was happy. The sisters were ecstatic.

She generously gave one of her prezzies to Kakak Hajar, for helping her out ;) Ummi was really proud of Ms Maddie ;)

After the storytelling, we went to watch Kungfu Panda.

Inner peace....inner peaceeee....yes much needed. Lots of it okay. I was actually too tired to enjoy the movie. But kids had a good laugh. And Emily didn't sleep throughout the movie. So I guess everybody had a good time.

So today, back to work. I went to Monash in the morning, with the Astro smart card. And dearest abah disconnect the internet halfway through the day, coz somebody was caught web surfing. Nobody argues with me why they need to study on school holiday. Coz everybody agrees we already had fun yesterday ;)

So now you know why I felt so obliged to drag myself to a shopping complex on weekend...I need to make them feel obliged to do their work...and guilty if they don' return of ummi's hard work...hahahaha...I am so twisted. Hopefully this obligation will last at least for the week. You do what you need to do ;)

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