Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The progress of my demerit system

I think it's working ;) Of course I have to be very cautious with their motivation over money. But seriously, I have seen some positive changes.

This is how they finished last month.
Hajar got $72, Luqman $68, and "somebody" ended up with a deficit. The deficit were mainly due to her missing her prayers. I think it was quite hard for her when we took Hajar & Luq out to spend their money, and she has to stay back home. Luckily my parents was around at that time. So she was home doing her homework with Epi. Hopefully she will earn some money this month. Come on Emily, u can do ittttt !! :)

This is the latest update as of today.
 Do you notice who is leading?? ;-) That is one of the most obvious change I have noticed. Last month, not suprisingly it was Hajar all the way. She's my ambitious proactive most reliable girl. I know she will be reading this...hahahaha...but truly my dear, I am very proud of u ;) Luqman never give a hoot about it. And that has always been my problem. His couldn't care elss attitude with almost everything. So to see the competitive side of him coming out is really2 a nice suprise.

Towards the end of last month he started actively earning points. Washing the dishes, cleaning up the table, cleaning up the living room etc etc. Last night, he washed the dishes and Hajar put away all the groceries. This never happened before. Even Emily have started doing small favours like taking plate for me, or water for Hajar...sweeetttt. I think she's slowly understanding the concept ;)

Their rooms are much much cleaner nowadays. Some days they are messy. But not as messy as before. This is the girls' room this morning.

They are supposed to clean up the room either before they go to bed or before they go to school. The room used to be so messy and it annoys the hell out of me. Everything unthinkable is on the floor, on the bed, in the closet...they still got lots to improve, but I sincerely think this is an achievement ;)

Just like Stephen Covey is never too late with a child. NEVER. So keep your faith ;)

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