Thursday, May 26, 2011

Vanity at 3

I thought I'm vain. Well, Ms Maddy is wayyyy more vain than me. Maybe she get that from the father, whom I think is more vain than me....hahahahaha.

She's turning 4 in September. So technically she's 3+++. The stuffs that come out from her mouth sometime makes me wonder...where did u get this hahhh? And most of the times she cracks me up too. She can be really funny...and witty. I think it's the result of having older siblings as your playing buddies. It makes you think like a tween, or a teenagers...not a 4yo.

She hates her school uniform. I actually think the uniform is cute. Don't u think so??

"I look like a dork". DORK?? U r too young missy to be  a dork!!

She had to wear the uniform on Tuesday for her school trip to the firestation. So I have to tell her one merry go round looong bullshitting story to make her agree to wear it. And she insist to take it off immediately after she came back from school.

Refused to be photographed in that "dorky" uniform.

Yesterday, out of the blue, she took my lisptick and asked me to put it on her.

And this is how u pose when u have your lipstick on. SIGHHHHH....

Rock the world Medina ;)


  1. My 3yo son amazes me with his vocab too! The things that come out from these little ones sometimes can leave you dumbstruck for a sec, kan. Yes i think they have the privilege of growing up with older siblings and cousins and they absorb/learn more and at an incredible rate becos of this. :)

  2. Btw, yes it's Rin again. Forgot to sign my name before I posted the above comment :)

  3. Yeah they do ;) I am just grateful I am around most of the time to witness her progress. She is developing faster than her siblings. Maybe it's natural. But maybe it's also bcoz mommy is around more. I always have that tight knot in my stomach, that pang of guilt...thinking that maybe if I spend more time with Emily when she's small things could have been wayyyy different...coz when she's small I was really busy climbing up the corporate ladder ;(

  4. same here. I too feel that tight guilty knot when I think about my first two. They grew up with the maid so to speak, and I often find myself wondering, if things would be so much easier eg getting them to listen and appreciate/respect me more as a mother, if I had been there the way I am now with the younger two. There IS definitely a difference when you bring your children up yourself.