Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fruit Cake

Today is supposed to be a long day. I was supposed to attend a proteomic seminar in the morning, and a handling chemical something2 seminar in the afternoon. BUT I started having red eyes since yesterday, and Dr confirmed it is conjuctivitis and gave me 2 days MC. 

I was still hesitating in the morning...to go OR not to go???
The conjuctivitis is bearable (though I might infect other people), but it's the annoying cough that bothers me most. So I decided not to go, and will work from home instead. Do some work. I still have no clue how to analyse my flow cytometer data...and it's so dreadful to see my supervisor with my cluelessness. 

Then there's another problem. Due to my lack of judgment, I took Medina's Salbutamol syrup in the morning. Trying in vain to ease the cough and the wheezing. Probably a bit too much. And has been having palpitation and tremor eversince. So clever. NOT. Next time, just stick to the honey lemon tea.

So when you combine all these factors, it's quite distracting to go on reading my stuffs and analysing my data. So as usual, baking suddenly sounds so therapeutic. I have been wanting to bake the fruit cake ever since I read it from Ain's blog few months back. And dearest Mr O loves fruit cake. Quite weird for somebody who hates vegies (and doesn't eat that much fruit either). So I thought maybe bake this for Father's Day for him?? Since I'm so distracted, might as well lah kannnnn. So in between my palpitation and tremor.....tadaaaaa ;)
I have tried baking fruit cake once. Disaster. Straight to the bin. So I was quite sceptical in the beginning. I didn't have enough butter. So I used half butter half margarine. And only did half of the recipe. But I think it turns out allright. Don't u think so??? :)
Such a beauty right?? Hahahaha....sorry for self complimenting.

See the fruits? They didn't sink...yeayyyyyy ;) Anyway, I was told it will taste better after a few days. But god knows how much patience I have. Plus I cannot wait to taste it. So I have eaten a slice. And I guess the kids will finish the rest once they come back from school soon. So Father's Day cake no more it seems ;P