Saturday, June 11, 2011

A visit to Deer Park in Lanchang, Pahang.

On the way to Tanjung Jara, I managed to convince Onn to detour to Lanchang. I have read good reviews about the Deer Park, and I thought it would be a good break for the kids to keep them sober throughout the long road trip.

It is more of a petting zoo. In a relatively small plot of land. Managed by somebody who obviously respect the animals and love nature.

After our trip to Singapore Zoo last year, where the animals look much more healthier and happier than their counterparts in Malaysian Zoo, a trip to any zoo in Malaysia become very difficult to justify. 

I remember we went to the petting zoo in Tambun last December end up feeling so guilty for contributing to the business. The place was so stinky and the animals look so sad and depressed. There is very little respect to the animals. And I have very little excuse left to justify the situation when the kids keep shooting me with questions why can’t our zoo be more like Singapore zoo. So as a mommy u will develop this rhetoric ability whenever u r stuck. So my only response to their nonstop comments of disgust is “Stop blaming other people. Think about what you can do to change the situation” which of course effectively put them to silence, more because they are lazy to think rather than they are thinking hard for the solution.

Anyway, back to this Deer Park. Entry is $6 for adult, and $3 for kids. There are lots of deers, some bears, snakes, different type of birds, ferret, rabbit…probably that’s it. 

But what impress me most is there’s no smell, and the place was clean. The toilets were clean too. And the animals doesn’t look depressed. You can touch the animal and feed them. Or watch the worker feed the animal. Although the thought of touching a bear does freak me out. The worker tried hard to convince me it’s OK coz they have raised the bear from small. The kids went in. I didn’t :P
Ms Maddie was so excited.  She turned into a chatterbox with no off button. Either she will be busy trying to explain about the animals to herself, or asking the workers whatever question she can think about the animals. 

Most of the time, she will not get an answer coz my 3yo can’t speak Malay and the workers can’t speak English. To be polite, they will just smile to her.

Note to self; Start teaching her Malay STAT!!!! It can be quite embarrassing to tell people you hail from Shah Alam (and not some posh western countries), and your 3yo can’t speak Malay.

After feeding the deers, she turned to me and said “I think I am a good feeder”. 

By the time we finished and came out from the park she told me “I think I will be a very good zoo keeper.” And Hajar quickly responded…”NOOO Ina, u can’t be a zoo keeper. Tok Ayah (who is my dad) won’t like that. We need to be a doctor, or a lawyer, or an engineer.”
Hmmphhh…what happen to chasing your dream???

Overall, the kids really enjoyed the park tremendously. We’ll be back ;) You can actually even arrange to camp overnight in the park. But of course, we won’t coz dearest Mr O will never entertain this kind of adventure. ..but it’s all right, I can compromise ;)