Sunday, July 10, 2011

Doing your part for charity

A friend of mine, Suzana and her group of friends called Let's Put a Smile on their Faces is seeking donation to help the less fortunate kids. This time, they are organizing "Sponsor an Iftar" programme for the Rohingya Orphanage of Darul Aitam in Selayang, Kuala Lumpur.

I had the priviledge to join her team last year. It was really an eye opener, for me and the kids. Firstly, the state of the orphanage which now housed 40 orphans really humbled me.
 The shower place
 The sleeping place
My knowledge regarding these refugees is very limited. What I know, they are allowed to enter Malaysia as refugees under the UNHCR. But there is no programme planned for them. They can't go to government school due to their refugee status. And they can't go back to Myanmar as most of them are orphans. So honestly, they are stuck here. Most of the times, they survive on charity. In the case of these boys, this young Ustaz, Ustaz Arif (who's a Rohingyan refugee himself) and his Malaysian wife voluntarily take care of them.
 Ustaz Arif.

For those who are capable of memorizing, Ustaz Arif will teach them the Quran. For those who can't memorize the Quran, they will be taught the hadith and the kitab. His wife taught the kids other subjects like Malay language.
Last year Suzana and her team managed to collect a total of RM 10, 510 which was really good. From that amount, they used more than 50% of it on shopping (kids' raya goods and also for the home). The rest was for their duit raya (angpau), and they gave an amount of cash to the caretaker for the kids' necessity. The caretaker has to carefully organize their budget for the whole year, as most of the money come from the month of Ramadhan. 

So we are hoping that this year will be a good one for the boys too. This is how Sponsor An Iftar work. There are 2 choices for the sponsors.

1) to sponsor the minimum amount per day which is RM250 for iftar and sahur
2) the sponsor themselves decide on the amount to give (no $$$$ is too little ;))

You can transfer the money to:
Suzana Sulaiman MAYBANK account number 114187306758
Please email her at: to notify her once u have transferred the money.

The deadline for donation is by end of July i.e before Ramadhan start. The plan is either to give the cash directly to the orphanage or look for a caterer and get them to deliver the sponsored food.

Whatever ways, it sure will put a smile on the boys' face. Seeing the smile on their innocent faces sure will melt your heart. InsyaAllah.

Let's do our part and kindly spread the words. It's the least we can do. Thanks people. May God bless us all.