Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Mr O

For someone that proclaimed he is not a cake person, there is very little option left for me on what to cook for a birthday celebration. Maybe it's the truth. Maybe he is just being plain difficult with me. As always. Anyway, since today is his birthday, I shouldn't be complaining. So I made a humongous pavlova.

Meringue sandwiched with icecream, whipped cream, strawberries, blueberries and almond. You can just assume it's a chocolate pavlova. The truth is it's a burnt my eagerness to get the meringue cooked so I can go out and do my raya shopping, I increased the oven temperature "a tad too much". Anyway, the burnt pavlova taste as awesome as the normal in  denial here, but seriously, it's pretty nice ;)

I have come to a conclusion that by the time men reach their 40's they will start having mid life crisis. Men need something to focus and keep them busy. In their 20's it's establishing themselves in their career. By mid 30's most men are quite established financially. Hence some men will start getting itchy and edgy for new challenges. These challenges come in many fling, new girlfriend, new wife, new hobby etc etc etc. The only way for men to stay sober during this phase is to upgrade their knowledge and increase their faith. That will keep them busy. So, that's the plan ladies.

So happy 38th birthday to my intensely private, intensely awkward husband. May Allah bless u and show u the right path. We love u loadssss, flaws and all ;)