Wednesday, July 6, 2011

This is a long rant

Disclaimer; This is a rant. A LOONGG one. I just need to get it off my chest. If you disagree, it's fine. Don't take it personally. You don't have to read this.

The hottest topic on the news for the last few weeks has been BERSIH 2.0. The supposedly peaceful rally requesting for fair election. Sounds fair enough to me. Who would not want fair election right? So why the brouhahaha?? Why it gets so many people edgy? and emo? and start talking rubbish?

What annoys me most is how the whole issue is being handled. Blown out of proportion. As always. I hate it when they started hyping up the issue out of proportion, fanning racist sentiment, the talk about communism and Malay rights which of course gets the Malays really nervous and edgy on their special rights being taken away. And they did their best to potray the whole thing as violence. You get arrested wearing yellow shirt. How ridiculous is that??? And of course the avalanche of information from god knows where whose source of information was never verified...but they still went the email that have been circulating about the whole thing was funded by Jews and US, so as fellow Muslim we shouldn't fall into this trap...or since Datuk Ambiga handled the murtad case before, we shouldn't support whatever she does...nevermind the fact that it is totally 2 different doesn't matter coz we are fellow Muslims that are being threatened right now....everybody seems to have hidden agenda against us.

Oh God.....have mercy on ridiculous can this be? Why can't we learn to agree to disagree? You and me can have totally different opinion on the same matter, and still be civilised to each other. Isn't that respect? 54 years after we get our freedom, 9 more years before 2020... we still have this kind of mentality? This insecure mentality that we are being victimised in our own country??? Why so paranoid??

I noticed that one of the most effective ways to blow anything out of proportion is to poke the race and religion issue. Even if there's very little truth in it. Malays especially, get very edgy when the issues of the special rights crop up. I have benefited so much from the NEP. So by right I should be grateful. And I am. But I have wonder for many2 years, whether that special right is doing more harm than good to my race. And to my nation. After so many years of having the priviledge, why is Malay still behind in economy? What does it take to bring us infront? So is it a question of resources OR mentality?

I'll give you example.

In the 80's and 90's,it's pretty easy for a Malay to get a scholarship to study oversea. If u get a decent result (not necessarily super duper excellent), and u choose the right course and the right program, u will get it. Government spend billions to sponsor students to oversea. And the recipients of the scholarship are the indigineous people, mainly Malays. Me included. So when I was studying in Aussie, there were few Chinese students from Malaysia doing the same course with me. Privately sponsored by their parents. I always assumed they are filthy rich. But when u get to know them, u will be surprised some of them aren't. The parents have to mortgage their house and their land to fund their study. And one Sarawakian friend of mine told me that her parents recorded every single dollar and cent that she spent, coz eventually she has to pay them back.

Ironically, these students always end up being the top achievers. Maybe bcoz they are smart. Maybe bcoz they work harder than other people. Sometimes I wonder how they can study endlessly like robot. While at the same time, some of my Malay friends were struggling to complete their study, and some went home without graduating. For many reasons. Personal reasons. Valid reasons. And I know they are not alone. There are many students who came back without graduating. Most of the time they crumbled under pressure. Away from home. But I just can't help wondering, whether the story will be different if u were sponsored by your own hard earned money. Every single cents. Will you be more resilient in handling pressure?

I used to work in pharmaceutical MNC and did quite a lot of interviews to recruit medical sales representatives. Out of 20,30 applications there will probably be 1 or 2 Malay applicants. And sadly most of them didn't do well in the interview. The rest will mostly be Chinese.What strike me most is Chinese candidates are usually bolder. Not necessarily better. Their English is not necessarily good. Especially if they go to Chinese school. But MNC doesn't intimidate them. They know the job pays them well. That's their main driver. It's the willingness to learn and work hard that makes the difference. I have hired a guy who only have a diploma and can't even differentiate a GP and a specialist. That's how much he knows about health care industry when he first started. But he worked so hard, and improved by leaps and bounds. And it gives me pride to have the opportunity to be his boss and his mentor.

Many of my Malay friends told me they would rather work in the government than a MNC. Not because they love the job, but it's just easier. Less intimidating. So what will it takes to make Malay bolder? And more resilient? More special rights?? Or a knock on the head to change the mentality?? Could it be bcoz at the back of our mind, we know that we had things easier than some other people?

I am not pro-Chinese or anti-Malay. I have friends from all races. I have great respect for them. It makes me sick to the stomach when people gives racist remarks. Especially if it comes from educated people. It is such a shame if we live in a multi racial country and yet choose to just stick to our race. Thinking the other will always try to outdo you, or sabotage you. It's important for my kids to respect other races too. And you can only respect if you get to know them.

Some people prefer to stay out of politics. I am not a fan either. But I don't think u can run from it. Coz it affects my life. And my family. And my kid's future. And the way things are going right now do make me worry. Yes, we should be grateful for what we have. There's less beggars here compared to Cambodia or Myanmmar. There are developments, internet, healthcare etc etc etc. But seriously there is a clear difference between being grateful and complacent. If the country is going to progress, should u be comparing yourself with Cambodia OR Australia???

Many things worry how education in Malaysia looks more like a priviledge than a right.

I have to fork out quite a bit of money just to put my kids in a private school with a more conducive environment for learning. Because the government school in my neighbourhood is just too crowded. Hence not supportive to my dyslexic child. In fact, it's not that supportive to my other kids too. No offence to the teachers, who are overloaded with zillions of other things to do. The set up is just not right. I am not sure how many more oversea trips Mr Minister need to make to figure out a better education system. It perplexed me why can't a government school adopt the same approach the private school is using? Why can't they offer the same syllabus? If school is from 8am-4pm, won't it be easier for the working parents? And wouldn't school be more fun if u can learn other stuffs too to explore your strengths? Does it have to be profitable for the government to consider it???

A cousin who is a doctor for factory workers in Klang Valley told me about SPM school leavers who came to do medical check up with her. Some of them scored 7As and 8As and they were considering to be factory workers. Bcoz even if they got offered a place in local universities, their parents couldn't afford to pay the few thousand dollars that they need to spend to get started. Can u comprehend that??

And at the same time, a friend of mine who just got her Australian PR was telling me about her son who was doing pharmacy in Perth. The only thing that she has to pay is the annual tuition fees, which is very2 affordable BTW. The monthly AUD900+ youth allowance given by the Australian government is more than sufficient to support her son every month. How can their government afford to do that? And we can't??

Well the grass always look greener on the other side. But it does make me worry. So as much as I hate all this vicious politics, the least I can do is do my part to ensure we can have honest politicians. Of course no politicians is perfect. But if I have to choose between somebody who travel with Air Asia, or lives in the same wooden house for 20,30 years eversince he is in power with somebody whose wife has Birkin of every colour, I would probably have more confidence in the former than the latter.

So if a peaceful rally can make that happen, so be it. Stop scaring the people with nonsense tactics and insult our intelligence.



  1. I agree with you. And I find it appalling that people can't discuss politics in a civil manner in msia. They just have to add bad words and call each other names! It's shameful, immature n to me discredits the speaker/ writer!

  2. snabby....sighhhhhh....penat kan??? ;(

  3. So true kak linda- sometimes geram dengar especially the part about our local schools. My friend is part of the khazanah group and he's frm New Zealand , a group of teachers and educators are here to coach the local teachers in local schools to help improve our education system. Contract for 3 years..i hope it works!

  4. yes mel, i just don't know why our school system sucks big time...yesterday emily's BM teacher emailed me abt her issues in class, and asked my permission if she can give her extra help during lunch hour to finish her work....I will never get that kind of proactive offer when my kids were in govt school...emily might not improve in her academic performance yet, but things like that matter a lot to me...why lah need to pay lots of money to get that kind of empathy from the teacher ;(