Monday, July 4, 2011

Would you like to earn a passive income?

Somebody asked me the question today. 

Would u like to earn a passive income that will allow u to have more money, bigger house, fancier cars, better education for your children, frequent oversea holidays...etc etc etc. And my answer to her was "It depends". It depends on what I need to do to get that passive income. More money would be nice...BUT if it means that I have to compromise my current lifestyle, then it's a NO ;p

I count my blessing everyday for having the luxury to skip the traffic jam. For being able to do my shopping on weekdays. For having the flexibility of time and yet still earn a decent income. For having time to listen to my kids babbling about whatever they feel like telling me. For having everyone home for dinner and Maghrib prayer. For having Mr O around most of the times. No outstation. For being able to cook for my family. For having me, my kids, and my family as my top worries, not some report or some business proposal or some deadlines. For having the time to nurture (or probably it's tortures most of the time...hahahaha) my kids to their fullest potential (even if it drives me nuts most of the time). So if it means I have to trade even some of these for "passive income", then I would rather keep things the way it is. Coz I'm pretty happy with how my life is right now. And I strongly believe it's not a coincidence. It's a choice I made.

I have reached a point in my life where I am comfortable with myself. It doesn't really bother me how people define me, or judge me. And I don't feel pressured to follow the crowd, to be accepted. Maybe it's age factor, maybe it's too much Oprah ;)

But her question lingered in my mind. I started asking myself, what is really a passive income? Something that continue to give you money when you are not working? But then, how long will we live in this world? So should we devote all our life for that? What if we die today? Or tomorrow? Does it matter anymore? At what expense? 

What about the passive income for the life here after? 
I remember the Hadith - Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم) said  "THREE things continue to benefit a (believing) person even after death - charity which he had given (which continues to benefit others), beneficial knowledge which he had left behind (i.e. authored or taught), and supplication on his behalf by a righteous child. (Muslim).
Children are so precious that it's so easy to love them too much. To get carried away in providing the physical and material needs...branded clothes, good school, top university etc etc etc...and neglect the spiritual needs. The substance that makes them a righteous person.

This doesn't only applies to Muslim. To me that's how I interpret Maslow's definition of self actualization, the highest hierarchy of human needs. To stay motivated in life, you need to have a reason bigger than yourself. Charity. Knowledge. Righteous child. It might not necessarily be legacy. BTW, Bill Gates think legacy is stupid ;) But he did say seeing what he did ended up empowering people is a very cool thing. Which to me means the same thing. I guess it's about giving and making a difference in this world in whatever ways u r capable of. Be it as a doctor, or engineer, or lawyer, or cook, or game designer, or artist, or just a mom. It doesn't really matter.

Don't get me wrong. I am not trying to sound holy here. And I don't have loads of cash to spare either. And of course fancy schmancy stuffs do make me drool...a nice year end skiing holiday will be does a Tod's G bag...or a new SUV...that will sure make me happy. But not getting them will not make me unhappy either. Will I sacrifice my time babbling with Ms Maddie and scratching my head tutoring Emily to earn more money?? Maybe not...

And ironically, I can't get this song out of my head today.
Well Bruno, not everybody wants to be a billionaire, and sit next to Oprah & the queen ;)


  1. haha ... too much oprah ye. betul, i setuju. x guna duit byk tp x bahagia & tenang.

    i think u shud have ur own tv prog la lindot .. mcm oprah. I'll be ur no 1 fan, ok? (>_<)

    err.. tapikan macamana eh, aku tgh x bahagia ni tingat harsanya fluted tart presser tuh. selagi x dpt .. aihh..

  2. actually I pun menjejes air liur temgok tart presser harsa tu...jom kita haruk dia suruh belikan...hahahaha

    kalu sakat tart presser tu boleh membahagiakan okaylah tu ain....lainlah kalu kena channel ke prada ke porsche ke baru bahagia susah jugaklah nak bahagia ;)

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