Saturday, August 13, 2011

The ipad learning apps we love.

I have to admit I was very reluctant in the beginning to fall prey to Apple's marketing ploy. Having done marketing before, I am just weary of the hype surrounding all the i's...iphone, ipod, ipad, i-whateverrr....

But then I started reading more and more on how schools are using the apps to help students. And I managed to convince Mr O that it might be a good tool to help kinesthetic learner like Emily. So few months after having the ipad around, I am pretty happy that it is functioning much2 more than a game console.

So here are some of the learning apps that Emily used a lot. It makes learning much more fun for her.

1. Rocket Maths
Emily has certain degree of dyscalculia. She is still struggling with the 4 basic operations. She will remember today and forget tomorrow. The app helps her practise the same thing again and again, in a more exciting way.

2. Story Builder
This app is designed for autistic kids. Emily struggles with comprehension and composition. The app helps her articulate her thoughts. Hopefully, eventually it will improve her writing and comprehension skill.

3. Brain Pop
This is great for general knowledge. But I have to admit the biggest fan for this app is Medina. So if she starts talking to u why scientifically teenagers have mood swing, u know where she gets all those info from.

4. Solar Walk
A very interactive app to learn about the solar system.
 5. myQuran
This app is great for her recitation. Though we need to push her to do it more. But even for others, the app has quite nice translation and great information for us to understand the context of each surah.
 6. Telling time
Another app to help her with maths.

Then there are apps that Medina enjoys a lot. If u r looking for apps for preschoolers, check these apps out. I personally think kids nowadays are so lucky to have all this technology that make learning so fun.

7.  Abata Hijaiyah
Great app to teach kids the hijaiyah basics before they recite Quran. The apps teach them how to read and write. Pretty cool. Saves me the trouble of doing the flash card ;)
Medina doing her iqra' with the app. I have to admit it is very convenient because she can self learn. But it also makes the session more fun.

8. Cake Maestro.
The 3D app allow your budding junior master chef create their own cake.
 9. Cupcake maker
Ahaksss....another cooking app. Yeahhh.....the result of hanging around with your mom in the kitchen too much ;) Just bear with her when she start talking to you about bicarbonate soda and vanilla essence...hahahaha.
 10. My Drawing Book
Great drawing app. Saves you the trouble of buying the drawing paper and cleaning up the mess that comes with drawing. I am not saying this replace the actual drawing, but it's pretty nice to occupy them on the go.
 11. iWrite
Writing and spelling for beginners.
 12. Hello Colour Pencil
Another drawing app she's crazy about.

 13. Talking Ben
I found this app quite annoying. But she loves it. If I ask her to read her Quran, she will start asking Ben whether she should do it or not. Luckily, most of the time the stupid Ben says YES ;) If Ben says NO, repeat the question again until he says YES....hahahaha

 14. Talking Tom
Another annoying talking app ;)
So there you go. Of course there are more cool apps like Garage Band, National Geographic, ebooks etc etc etc. And many2 more games too. You just have to balance the game apps and the learning apps to prevent the gadget ending up being another game console. What's your favorite apps? Would really love to know especially those apps for bigger kiddos...elementary, middle and high school :)


  1. share more ya! I pon ada myQuran tu tp bukan full version. also have QuranExplorer .. suka yg ni lagi, thinking of buying d full version sbb dia claimed ada tajwid sume .. tp tu la .. nak tengok2 lagi kot ada yg lg ok.

  2. ain....cer tanya harsa...hari tu rasanya dia ada discuss apps quran ni...macam2 ada....memang yg myquran tu takde tajwid.

  3. informative la lindot..Never know these apps

  4. How much for all these apps? Esp for No 7,10 & 11?

  5. zura...aku pun tak ingat berapa harga. tapi most apps tak mahal. ard USD 0.99-1.99..bayar one dalam RM$5-6 lah....some are free...esp yg medina punye tu banyak jugak yg free.....cuma macam apps quran tu mahal sket lah...rasanya dalam $usd 15. tapi kau boleh check kat app store nama apps tu nanti they put harga kat situ.