Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ms Zelda the Zebra had a rough day today.

Medina has been practising for few weeks for her year end school concert in October. Her group is doing 2 performances. A song and a play. For the play, she plays the lead role Zelda the zebra. So nowadays her name is Medina Zaharah Zelda Rapunzel Relly. Don't ask me where Relly comes from.
For somebody who spent her whole 1st year in the kindergarten in mute mode, that is quite a surprise to us. And the fact that little missy is such a chatterbox at home really perplexed me. Anyway, she has decided to start talking this year. Only God knows why. But really soft spoken demure "perempuan melayu terakhir" kind of talking. And when she reach home, she will conveniently switch to the "not so demure" mode. PPG mode.

Back to the play. I am not sure why the teacher chose her for the lead role. Maybe she's talented. OR maybe because she's quite and well behaved in class, it's a less riskier and more reliable choice. Knowing how erratic the kids can be on concert day, it will be helpful to have a reliable lead actor. Since I am her mother, and I love her to bitsss...I would love to believe it's the former than the latter....hahahaha.

Anyway she has been diligently practising. In fact, a bit too diligent. Apparently Zelda is a zebra who lost her stripes. So some nights when she's really hyped up and extra motivated, ummi and abah has to stay up and wait until Zelda finish practising the whole play....zzzZZZZZzzzz. If she's not satisfied with any part, she will go back right to the start. Talk about being perfectionist. Definitely not my gene.

Anyway, I have noticed that ever since she become Zelda, she's quite emotional. And she's more expressive. Which is good really...but the emotional outburst is becoming more frequent too. It's like suddenly her emotional floodgate has opened. Or should I say, burst BIG time?? So they say it's terrible twos...troublesome what is four?? emotional four???  Maybe the play is making my drama queen a tad too expressive?? Whatever it is, I do hope this is transitional.

Today she had a tough time from me. She overdosed herself with Tangled, PPG and a few TV shows in the morning. Too much screen time. Very bad for kids. Yes I know ;(

Then she asked me for the ipad, and I asked her to do her Quran reading first. That is when all hell break loose and Ms Zelda the Diva decides to annoy her mommy and shows her mommy who's the boss. Well....too bad my dear...because your mommy is equally stubborn. So I totally ignored her. Which pissed her off big time. I need to pick up Luq & Hajar from the Quran class, and she was crying and sobbing and crying and sobbing all the way. Which break the brother and sister's heart. But I sternly told them to stay out of the way. So she cried, and cried, and said sorry and fell asleep.
So angelic looking right?? ahakssss....I think she learned her lesson. She better do. Ummi is the boss okayyyy. And u don't throw tantrum to get things your way. It just doesn't work that way in this house.

We are entering the last 10 days of Ramadhan. It has been quite tiring for me. And I guess the kids too. But I am pretty happy with the efforts made by everybody. Hopefully we will continue with the change. Change for the better. May all of us be given the strength to excel in the last 10 days and find Lailatul Qadr. InsyaAllah. Everybody has been good helping me out with the chores too.Which is really a blessing to me.
My dearest Hajar helping me with the roti jala yesterday. Actually not bad at all for a first timer. Mr O even teased her...hmmm...can get married already lah....much to her disgust...hahahaha.

Have a good weekend :)

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