Saturday, September 17, 2011

Are your doubts killing u?

I had a very deep conversation with Medina this morning. I was busy ironing everybody's clothes for a wedding ceremony while she occupied herself watching Toy Story for the millionth time on ipad. Out of the blue, she asked me.

M: Ummi, do you think my doubts are killing me?
Me: Hah?? Err..what?? What is doubt Ina??
M; Doubt is the hole in your heart. It makes your heart black ummi.
Me; Owhhh...okayyy
M; It also makes your feet red. And your skin green.
Me; it's like a monster??
M: It is.
Me; So what do you do when u have doubts??
M; U read ummi. Read a lot of Quran. (yeah...right...coming from a girl who has not been reading her quran for quite sometime coz she's been distracted playing games on godknowswhat on her ipad)
Me; OK.

Then after a while she told me.

M; Ummi, I don't think I am good at all
Me; Okay, then u r not. Coz Allah will give u what u want. That is doubt, Ina.
M; Okayyy. I think I am good.
Me; OK. Then u are.

And I continued ironing. And she continued watching Toy Story. Trust me. I don't make this up. That's the exact conversation we had this morning. And we had many of these conversation on other days too. And she just turned 4. Where and how she get all these stuffs just baffled me. Sometimes I do wish she talks more kiddo's stuff. Coz it's much simpler to respond. Less riskier. I seriously can't imagine the kind of conversation I will have when she is 14.

Are your doubts killing u? ;)


  1. Yes, my doubts are killing me slowly...

  2. Afnan, u will find your way. I do read your blog. I think u r missing the states. Which is quite common for somebody who just came back from oversea. Especially when we are young. Life is much simpler there. But there's nothing like home. Where your family and loved ones are. But who knows if your rezeki is there. Istikharah, talk to HIM often, insyaallah ;) Allah knows best. All the best.