Thursday, September 8, 2011

Big Day

In less than a week, dearest Hajar will sit for her first big exam UPSR. In the middle of cleaning the house and packing the stuffs for the raya trip last week, I made this for her.
Coincidentally, it was before Emily's big day too. So I include her name too. And that apparently make Hajar felt less about vicious sibling rivalry ;(

Emily performed in the 2011 Malaysian Youth Music Festival. She & the group performed 2 songs.
Kingston Calypso

Shark Attack

We never expect she will win. So winning 3rd place was a HUGE bonus to us. She was beaming with pride. The first thing she packed for the raya trip to KB was the medal. To show tok ayah & nenek ;) And for the first time ever she told me she love the violin. I do hope it's a long mutual love affair my dear. Continue to work hard coz u r born for greatness.

It is interesting how many conflicting ideas Hajar has received regarding the exams. Teachers think 5As is the ultimate thing. Tok ayah thinks she should study to get 5As too. Ummi on the other hand doesn't think so. The question I always ask my kids is if u don't get 5As, then what??? Does your whole world crush and nothing means anything??

To Hajar (and her friendssss..who suprisingly read my blog :))

Life lesson #1.
UPSR is just an exam. Which u should work your ass off to prepare for it bcoz it helps u become a better student, and a better person. In life u should strive for the best. Nothing less than the BEST.

Life lesson #2.
The outcome on the other hand, is not in your control. So whatever you get, chin up and embrace it. And move on. Allah knows best. It's a journey.

So all the best girlsss. My prayers are with you. Break a leg ;)


  1. To Emily, well done.
    To Hajar, if you have done the hardwork, there's nothing to be worried. All the best and good luck.
    Tok Wan & Mak G

  2. thank u pak wan & mak G...mak nya yg sebenarnya need the luck more...ahaksss ;)