Monday, October 3, 2011


I turned 38 yesterday. Woke up with a headache and feeling slightly feverish & "flu"ish...good excuse to continue curling under my blanket and sleep the whole day. How I wish lah kaaannnn ?? ;)

This morning Ustaz Zahazan was talking about true love on telly. True everlasting love is love to the Creator. How ironic. I was thinking about it quite a lot lately. At 38, I have heard many stories from friends, and friend of friends, of woman being betrayed by their husband for another woman. I have concluded that middle aged men who have established themselves tend to have "mid life crisis" IF they have very little faith. Life become stagnant and boring and too routine. Then they will start acting like a dickhead trying to challenge themselves. It can be a sweet young bimbo, or just a plain another woman who is more refreshing to their eyes, or a new hobby, or whatever....

Don't get me wrong. I love Mr O to bits. (He probably cringe reading this in public...wakakakaka). But I also strongly feel a woman should define herself as a servant of God. Not by your husband, or your job, or your handbag, or your car, or your circle of friends, or your address, or your kids' academic achievements. I will never know how strong I am to detach myself from all these superficial temporary attachments but thankfully at 38, I am slowly becoming more comfortable with myself. I honestly don't give a hoot of what people says nowadays. And I make it a point to brainwash my kids everyday on how important it is to be themselves, and to ensure everything u do is for Allah first. Then everything else will fall in place..

Anyway I had a good day. Went to Lai Po Heen for lunch. Catching up with brothers.

This is one of the few non western food places where kiddos enjoy the food.

Then we headed to Klang for tea. Still stuffed with lunch and yet we continue stuffing ourselves with tea. As always, the happiest girl blowing the candles is not the birthday girl.

Beautiful sunset at our condo. Thank u Allah for another 
blessed day. (Though the real truth is I was testing my Lumix...hahahaha)
I made cupcakes for Emily to celebrate her birthday today with her classmates. She requested a violin cake. But today will probably be a long day for me in the lab. And the fridge is still full with left over cakes from yesterday. And I am not feeling too good today. The fever + the flu + the lack of sleep (Medina had terrible nightmares last night) the cuppies will be sufficient for her for the moment.  I might make the violin cake much later. If it ever materialize ;)

Thank u friends and families for the well wishes. I do hope I live for many more years. I have a long list of things I want to do.

Memorize the Quran. Learn Arabic. Mandarin. French. Spanish. Play the guitar. Learn diving (okay...maybe learn swimming first...hahaha). Open a boutique cafe. Travel the world. Morocco. Spain. Europe. Go back to Tasmania. Perform Haj. Write a children book. Picture Book. Paint. Finish my PhD (though I will probably be the only person on earth who do a phd and still want to continue be a housewife). Volunteer. Batik. Work with kids and youth. Stop thinking about money by the time I'm 50. A  beach house. Meet Brad Pitt...ooopsss....wakakakaka :D

Okayyyy....well...I am a dreamer...and a late bloomer. So u never knows. Have a good week ;)


  1. Such a long list ... :D I look forward nak masuk ur boutique cafe ... hehe. Btw, emily share the same birth date ke?

  2. Happy belated birthday!!!
    May ALLAH bless you & your family always! =)

    p/s: yay, Lumix!!!

  3. Ain...hers is today. beza 1 hari ;)

    Afnan...terima kasih. tulah...yeayyyy sangat2...still jakun tak habis explore lagi nih ahaksss ;D

  4. Happy belated birthday my friend....may you have many more in the years to come with and in Allah's blessing. I don't blog & reading yours somehow put things into perspective for thank you.

  5. Agree with u about men having midlife crisis. Tp my hubby & a few of my male friends, alhamdulillah, when they turned 40, lagi mendekatkan diri padaNya.
    Happy Birthday. Keep on writing. I love ur ramblings..;-)