Monday, October 10, 2011


Today, Mr O's uncle, Dato' Wan Mansor Dato' Wan Abdullah, fondly called Nana by all of us, passed away. He was 77 years old.

My late mother in law has a big family. There were 16 of them. Nana was the eldest. The only thing that make it easier for u to recognize them (if u are an outsider or just got into the family) is they all look almost the same. The "Siamese Chinese" look. So u will most likely able to identify who's who ;)

I was not close to him. In my 15 years in the family, there were few nods, few smiles and few words exchanged between us. But most of the time when I saw him in family events, I always see him as a very sweet, jovial, calm person. Which probably explain why he look years younger than his actual age. He has this charismatic presence that command respect and yet very approachable. I hardly knew him too. I was told he was the secretary to the late Tunku Abdul Rahman. My late mother in law spoke very highly of her siblings. Especially the older siblings. So the bits and pieces that I knew were mostly from my conversation with my late mother in law.

So it was very ironic to me when I found myself getting very emotional when Mr O told me the news this morning. I was very overwhelmed with emotion. I cannot help noticing there were many people praying for him in the mosque. At least few hundreds. The funeral was very smooth. And despite the hot scorching sun during the burial, I can feel the cool breeze blowing throughout the burial. I believe these are signs. Signs that he was a good man. Rest in peace Nana. May Allah bless your soul and put you in jannah. You will be greatly missed. Al-fatihah.

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