Monday, October 31, 2011


I tried my best to explain to the kids why we should not celebrate Halloween. Last year, I was caught off guard when Medina's kindy celebrated Halloween. My girl saw it as a harmless celebration where kids got loads of candies and she got to wear fairy costume. Somehow, along the way of me trying to explain to her about hell fire she figured out hell fire = hell-o-ween. Since then halloween is hell-o-ween in my house. This year, her kindy didn't celebrate. So yippeeeee ;)

Tonight, as she was watching the TV, all the cartoon shows revolve around halloween. Despite her trying to tell me that she got the point...yes ummi, we don't celebrate hell-o-ween, coz it's all about the momoks...the shaitan...the papa shaitan, the mama shaitan, and don't forget all the brother and sister shaitan ummi...all those spooky shows get her spooky creative juice flowing. So she started drawing. Non stop.
Complete with her official sign off
Then another one
 With a more spookier sign off
Another spooky drawing.
With a very creative sign off. I love this one most. Ahakssss...don't u think her sign off is so spookily cute?? hahahaha...yeah...I am bias :)
The Picasso in her can't stop. Still drawing.

And the last one. Last because I managed to convince her to stop...before I run out of A4 paper for printing...hahaha
 Eventually the sign off get spookier than the drawing.....ahaksss ;)
Are u spooked yet?? ;)


  1. She has one vivid imagination!!! what an artist at such a young age! well done!

  2. kaaannn??? she drew one after another in less than 30 minutes..I was so impressed.... ahakkksss...I'm so bias lah Mel...but who cares lah kan?? :D

  3. haha ... who cares ... i pon akan bias if i were u. i like the sign off more ... cute sgt.