Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Story of a girl

One Saturday morning, she drew the picture. And told me the story. "Ummi, do u see the golden flower?"
ME:  "Yes"
HER; "It's not just any golden flower u know.."
ME; "Hmm..OK. So what is it?"
HER; "It's a special flower ummi. You can only see it in heaven"
ME; "Ooohhh.."
HER; "So do u know what u need to do to see the flower?
ME; "Err..??
HER; You need to be good ummi. Then u can go to heaven. And Allah will let u see the special golden flower"
ME: OK ;-)

From time to time I will have similar spiritual conversation with her. On where's god. Where's Allah? Why can't I see Allah? Allah is here, and everywhere. Watching u all the time. Why can't I see Allah? Not yet. Coz only good people can see Allah. So u have to be good and strive for heaven. Then u can see Allah. Only the best people can see Allah.

Today after the rain, there were so many "kelkatu" flying in the house. And she found one on the floor. And accidentally squashed the poor bug. So she came to me with a sad face.
HER; "Ummi, do u think this bug will go to heaven?'
Of course ummi said yes ;)
HER; "Okayyyy...bye2 buggy" (with a happier face)

I love how she relates spirituality with happenings around her. I had no idea how much she really understand it. And how much she means what she says. But to see my 4yo keep on reminding herself about god and life and death and heaven is heavenly enough for me ;)

She has grown up. Her confidence has increased so much. Which was so obvious during her year end concert few weeks ago.I have finally managed to upload all her performances. SIGHH :P

This is her 1st performance. The Pearly Shell Dance. She was so reluctant to put on the revealing costume. "I look like a dork" She only relented once she saw her friends in the same costume. But the fact that my 4yo was making fuss of the revealing costume made me a very proud momma ;)
Her 2nd performance was the play. Zelda the Zebra. Personally, this was my favorite. She was Zelda. And the unofficial co-director too ;) Teacher Annie was full of praise for her. She not only memorized her lines. She memorized her friends' lines too. And she would diligently correct Teacher Annie whenever she missed any part during practise.
Her last performance was impersonating Saloma. She had no idea who Saloma was....hahahahaha. And the fact that she cannot speak in BM and had no idea what the lyrics mean made the whole thing more hilarious. The only thing that excite her was the big flower hair clip she got to wear. But the kids were such a good sport. They were hilarious impersonating MJ, Lady Gaga, Celine Dion, Bruce Lee...kudos to all the teachers who worked so hard with the kids ;)

Last year she was very timid and shy and took a long time to warm up to strangers. In fact, a tad too long. She spend her whole 1 year in the kindergarten in mute mode. The teachers could hardly hear her talking. And she would pretend stupid in front of her teachers. Pretending to read the alphabet when she's already reading fluently at home. And she seldom talk about what happen in school. Which makes me & Mr O really wonder whether those hefty kindy fees are worth it.

This year she just bloom. Like a butterfly. And the teachers are full of praise for her. And she will continue writing her life story. A great story insyaAllah. And I will keep reminding her the great stories she has written. One day, when life is hard on her, and her friends say mean things to her, and she think she is not up to the mark, she ain't worth it, I will show her all these videos, and remind her all the great stories. Great stories of a great girl. Rock the world baby!! ;)

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