Thursday, November 3, 2011

Do we shun sinners?

Many people are outraged by the upcoming Seksualiti Merdeka. The festival to celebrate the human rights of lesbian, gays, bisexual and transgenders, LGBT. The latest news, the police has banned the festival.

Firstly, I do not support homosexuality. Because I am a Muslim. I may not be religious enough but I try my best to continue striving to be one. In my religion, homosexuality is forbidden. PERIOD. No gray area. Hence, I accept it as much as I accept some other stuffs that are beyond my logic. Wholeheartedly.

In the spirit of Haj and Eid-Adha, I'll give u some examples. It's like accepting the story of prophet Ibrahim a.s carried the order to slaughter his son without questioning. How can u justify slaughtering your own son?? Or why Muslim kiss the black stone "Hajar-ul-Aswad" during Haj. What is it with the stone? Or Muslims have to throw 7 pebbles in Mina as part of the Haj ritual.  Why just 7? Not 8 or 9 or 10? It's a case of total submission to God and having faith in Him. He knows best. I guess it's probably similar case in other religions too. Like how the Christian believes in Santa Claus.

There are so much debates to justify LBGT. I am fully aware of some scientific literature debating it could be genetic. My stand is it could be. If u can be born a lefties, or handicapped or mentally ill or autistic etc etc etc, why can't u be born homosexuals? Our genetic composition has millions of variations.  And lots of them remain a mystery to science.Then some would argue, how could it be? Life is so not fair. God is so cruel. But if u believe life in this world is transient, is a transit to somewhere eternal, life is a test, there is here after...then it will make sense. At least it makes sense to me. And that's how I try to explain to my kids. Hopefully it makes sense to them too. If not now, eventually. Everybody has his/her own life story. Your own individual journey. Finally all will lead u to The One and Only, Allah the Almighty.

I am writing this not to state my personal opinion on LBGT. I don't think that matters to u anyway. But I am writing this because I am disturbed with the reactions that I came across regarding the matter. From the straight people. The "holy" ones. A lot of people are very loud with their opinion. What irked me is not many offers solution. In fact, the only statement that I came across which at least offer some solutions was from Dr Asri. Regardless of whether the solutions are good, viable or not. It's still much better than the rest who are just bashing the group. Stating the obvious. Along the way, making them sound holier than the other. And create a huge barrier between them and "the sinners".

I am pretty sure they are talking as an outsider. If it affects them, or people they love, or people close to them, I bet they will have more respect articulating their thoughts. In fact, it's ironic for them to oppose something "unislamic" the "unislamic" way. It annoyed the hell out of me. Most of the remarks are pretty rude and derogatory. If u feel like talking about religion, at least walk the talk and be respectful will you????

All of us are sinners. So should we shun them, the LBGT? Because they are sinners? Rasulullah (pbuh) didn't shun the sinners. And u had no idea who is regarded higher by God in the hereafter. I am pretty sure everybody has heard of the following hadith.
Narrated Abu Huraira: Allah's Apostle said, "A prostitute was forgiven by Allah, because, passing by a panting dog near a well and seeing that the dog was about to die of thirst, she took off her shoe, and tying it with her head-cover she drew out some water for it. So, Allah forgave her because of that."
This whole brouhahaha also remind me of Imam Suhaib Webb. In one of his recent lectures, he mentioned about the importance of not shunning the sinners. And the importance of mosque being the last hope for them. He told us a story about a gay who prayed in his mosque in US. The guy asked him "Can I pray in your mosque?' He said "Of course" Then he replied "But I am gay" And Imam Suhaib replied "That's between u and God. But u can pray in my mosque."

None of us can judge anybody. Part of the reason the group was established is to give them a platform to fight for their rights. To be respected. Whatever they do, it will never be justified to bully, discriminate, insult and disrespect them. Rasulullah (pbuh) reverted so many sinners by walking his talk. He was living his religion. By respecting people and being good. IMHO, banning the festival validates their objectives. The dire need for them to fight for their freedom. And make them popular than they could ever imagined. Ironic right? If we ban them from speaking up openly, can't we provide them another option? Surely somebody can do something. They just want to be heard. Everybody does anyway.

Don't just talk. Or post your comments on FB. Or update your status and share the links. Stop bitching. The world will be a much better place if everybody respect each other. And learn to agree to disagree amicably. Everybody can do something. Even a housewife like me. The least I can do is be respectful while being firm with my belief and not shun them. And teach my kids to do the same. Come on people!! Do good, be good and make the world good.


  1. I am a Muslim too. I am against LBGT and I am not any holier than anybody for I have my own sins as well. But I still do not agree to having kinda laidback approach, not saying much, not saying anything of something we feel strongly against for fear of making the sinners go further away. The example u quoted by Imam Suhaibb - now that is about somebody who wants to do good. I can totally accept that. He wants to pray, that's good. But, this event they're having is going totally the opposite way, so why can't we oppose it strongly. If we don't - wudn't it mean like we condoned it somewhat. I have not read Ustaz Asri's suggestion of a solution. But, oppose it I must. You let 1 event pass, there'll be more and more to come bcoz there's already a precedent. I respect your views, however - I have a problem accepting it absolutely. Thanks for sharing your thots, anyway. :)

  2. There's no problem with opposing. Oppose with hikmah we must. Not with emotion.

  3. Christians belIeve in Santa Claus.
    Haha ketawa tergolek-golek when I read that kak! ;P

    Possibly off topic, but have u read abt how (forgot which country) there are kindy's/schools that wouldn't refer to girls/boys as he/she so as not to "decide" for them whether they are a girl/boy? So they can choose for themselves.


  4. Jen,
    Seriously??? This is the first time I heard it ;) Anyway Merry Xmas to u. Hope Santa will treat u well this year ;)