Tuesday, November 29, 2011

School holiday and a short getaway.

I don't know about u, but school holiday has always been very tiring for me. Maybe for a good reason but still...there seems like I have more stuffs to do, more stuffs to think about, more stuffs to worry about than school days. So far, it has been really B-U-S-Y.

The school holiday started with Emily performing in Vibrante's School of Music Gala Concert on 19th Nov.
The ensemble has grown in size. There are few additional young violinists. And 2 young cellist. The cellist is about Medina's age. So naturally, I start having visions of Medina playing the cello. Only to be crushed by Mr O's poker face...hahahaha.

On Monday, the kids went to SORE Nature Camp organized by YAWA in IBD & Kuala Gandah, Pahang. I "think" they had a blast. Coz they can't stop talking about it. They did some work with the bats and elephants. And predictably, somebody didn't bathe for 3 days. Errrkkk???? The excuse was there were so many people. There were almost 100 participants this time. And some students from Indonesia. But there was no pictures. Zilch. None of them bring the camera. Despite the constant reminders from the mother. The only pictures I got was from YAWA FB page.
They came back on Wednesday evening. And we headed to Johor right away. Thank God the traffic was smooth. Took us 3 hours to reach JB.

The first part was the trip to Singapore. I was worried of the rain (due to the monsoon season) and the crowd (due to school holiday). And thankfully the 2 days we were in Singapore, it was a really good day. No rain. Only slight drizzle. And the sun was kind to us. So it was a perfect weather to be out and about. And the crowd was acceptable. Maybe because it was a working day. Bliss ;)
Perfect weather. Subhanallah ;)

The first thing on the agenda was the Singapore Zoo. One of kids' favorite place on earth. Medina has been talking about the zoo for weeks. We love this place. Kids never get bored of it ;) There are just soooo many things u can do. The animals, the shows, the water play, the park, the boat ride, the play ground etc etc etc.
I love the synergy between the animals. It's the closest u can get to seeing them in the wild. Well, at least to me and the kids ;)

The shows were great too. This time around we were more relaxed since we have watched most of the shows before. Nevertheless, work your schedule around the shows. Kids will love it ;)
This time around, we managed to watch The Animal Friends Show. It's great that most of the animals in show are stray animals who were saved by the zoo. They did a great job educating the kids about taking care of animals and pets. Never keep an animal that u r not willing to keep until they die.
The 2 siblings who have been dying to touch a dog. And finally got the chance to do it. Do u notice the bonding between Luqman and the dog?? He was  so proud of it ;)
The park is great. Kids had a blast. Especially the cable ride. And surprisingly, Medina was very bold to do most stunts on her own. She kept telling Mr O who couldn't help to be the protective father..."I can do this on my own abah!!"
If u wish to cool down, bring along the swimming suit. It's actually a nice break after a long day in the zoo.

After almost 6 hours in the zoo. Pooped out ;)

After the zoo, we went to Orchard Road. Thought of shopping. But I was too knackered. So we just had dinner, chilled and soaked up the Xmas atmosphere.
Can't help not to feel jolly. Feels so Xmassy ;)

But I have to say the highlight of the day was finding the mosque right smack in Orchard Road. Took us a bit of asking here and there to find the place. We finally found it right opposite of Paragon. From the outside I was imagining it to be a shabby run down place. I was so wrong!!!
It is a very well maintained contemporary mosque. Complete with a library that is interesting enough to get all my kids hooked there. The range of books are pretty diverse. Not just religious books. And contemporary. It reminds me of the mosque in Aussie.
What a gem. Of all the times I have been there, I never know the place exist. It's truly a case of don't judge the book by it's cover ;)

After dinner, we called it a day. The end of Day 1. So exhausted. But kids were happy. That is what matters most.

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