Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Universal Studio Singapore

I am not a fan of theme park. Neither is Mr O. But the trip to USS was long overdue. So we relented. For the kids. Finally, last Friday we brought the kids there.
The obligatory pose. The reluctant posers.

I bought the ticket online. Paid and printed before the trip. Bought the normal ticket coz I am a cheap skate mommy. Entry was a breeze. Easy peasy. The tickets can be used for multiple entry. Just in case u need to go in and out. And again we were blessed with good weather. It was a beautiful day. The only time it rained was when we were having lunch.
And the crowd was bearable. Most of the times, there was no long queue. The only long queue for us was The Canopy Flyer Ride. And there was The Lake Spectacular at night every Friday. So kids got to end their day with spectacular fireworks.

So here is the map of the whole place.
The map taken from here.

 So where to go first?? Plan, plan, plan. Think, think, think. Me in my over-analyzing over-thinking mode.

The first stop was The Sci-Fi City. Since there was not many people yet, we went for The Battlestar Galactica Ride. 
At 38yo, me & Mr O finally decided that we cannot stomach this kind of entertainment anymore. So this ride was officially our last roller coaster ride. EVER. Hajar & Luqman had a blast. They rode both the red & blue ride. And begged me for more. Emily didn't like it.
And Medina stayed outside enjoying her popcorn and the view.
The next stop was Ancient Egypt. Luqman & Hajar went for The Mummy Revenge. Another roller coaster. The rest of us opted for the more boring milder for the soul "The Treasure Hunt".
Me; Medina, turn around. I want to take your picture.
She; I cannot ummi. I need to focus. I am driving.
And the thing moves automatically. LOL!! :)

Next was The Lost World. We forgo the Rapid Adventure coz the queue was long and it looks like something from Sunway Lagoon Theme Park ;)
I was hesitant to let Medina ride the Canopy Flyer. But the description said it is suitable for the kids. The staffs measured her height twice to make sure she exceeded the minimum height limit. I "reckoned" it should be mild since kids are allowed. So I accompanied her. Me, who supposed to be the one who protect her and console her when she is scared. She was falling asleep. So I was worried she would scream her heart out. Out of fear. Fear of height. Like ME!!!!! So I hold her hand and told her...it's just like flying Ina...don't worry. She always want to fly. Any flying objects fascinates her.

Then the ride started. And the height just freaked me and made me sick to the stomach. And I squeezed her hand so hard, and closed my eyes. While my 4yo's face started to light up. And her eyes got brighter and bigger as the ride got faster. She was squealing with delight and excitement.
This is how the thingy looks like okay. Obviously I was too freaked to take picture. 
The picture was from here.

The Indonesian lady whom we met on our way out from the ride was in disbelief when she found out Medina rode the thing. Yes madam, I can't believe it either. Talk about kids and their fearlessness. Pfffftttt!!! :P

The Waterworld show. 
Hajar was sulking coz we refused to sit at the wet section. Can't have everything your way okay?? ;)

We enjoyed the show. Despite the real movie being a flop ;) Lots of fire, smoke and splashes of water. Pretty entertaining. 
Welcome to Far, Far Away Land. By the time we reached here, I have learned my lesson. So I brainwashed Medina not to ride the Dragon Ride ;) Supposed to be a very mild roller coaster ride but I ain't risking myself for any topsy-turvy ride anymore.

The Shrek 4-D show was awesome. Don't miss it. We watched Donkey Live too.
Donkey asked for volunteers. First it was a boy. Then they asked a girl. But she refused. Guess who raised her hand and waved frantically to replace the girl?? ;) It's probably the adrenaline rush from all those rides that gave her the sudden surge of confidence. Talking to the donkey was probably her best part of the trip ;)

The rest of the park were Madagascar, Hollywood and New York. More rides and more shows.
Ms Zelda riding the zebra. 

USS at night

Waiting for The Lake Spectacular. Those rare moments where I managed to snap a photo with Mr O. 
I literally have to pull his head to get him into the shot. So romantic. NOT!!!
The Lake Spectacular.

To be honest, I was skeptical at first. Due to the mixed review on internet about USS. But after 1 day inside the park, I have to say it was really awesome for the kids. There was a great balance between stuffs that older kids and younger kids can do at each section. There was ample choices of halal restaurants too. The staffs were very helpful and efficient. And for those who are wondering about the prayer room, there is one right after the entrance. Inside the Guest Service Office. So I guess the trip was great. It was worth every penny. (Right Mr O??? hahahahaha)

So there u go. Been there. Done that. Checked.

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