Friday, December 9, 2011

ALL play NO work is NOT right.

The first 2 weeks of the school holiday were so hectic. Kids had a blast camping in Lanchang. Then we went down south for a short get away. Did the obligatory Singapore trip, attended a wedding and spent 1 night in Desaru. It was tiring but totally worth it. 
Looking at shot like this makes me feel it's all worth it. Priceless ;)

By the 3rd week, to the kids' dismay, I am back in my tiger mommy mode....hahahaha. ALL play NO work will not be fun right??? RIGHT ??? wakakakaka ;-) So the schedule was up on Monday.
Guess who is the most unhappy with the schedule?? Ahakssss....;-)
"Ummi, it's a school HOLIDAYYYYY for goodness sake!!!!"
The rebellious teenager was whining and complaining....
"Why do u have to make it a chore???" WHHYYyyyyyy???? followed by...ergghhhh...urrgghhhh....aaarggghh...(think of all the possible grunt u can imagine)
"Well dude....I just have to...coz if I don't, u would just turn into a real life sloth, and probably rot on your bed covered with moss due to prolonged hibernation" (I honestly can feel the horns growing on my head) :P

But seriously, he is one of the main reason why they need a schedule. I am hoping that the schedule will get his mindset ready for the PMR. Help him discipline himself and set his own pace. Cover some topics during the holiday to be ahead of the class. So that life will be much easier for him next year. And he will not need any extra classes or tuition. God willing. I seriously not in favor of tuition. UNLESS really necessary. Not after him spending a whole day in school. We did that with Hajar. Hajar didn't go for any tuition or extra classes for her UPSR because we felt that school was enough. And she's disciplined enough to study on her own. Life is not just about books and exams. But only if u can discipline yourself. So dude, u see...I am actually doing u a favor okay???!!

I faced lesser resistance from the sisters. Hajar & Emily were more obliging. Maybe because I am not asking that much. There are breaks okay...and time for other stuffs too!! Yeah...I am trying very hard to convince myself here ;) But seriously, time is too precious to be wasted. I have learnt that if I leave it to the kids to decide on their own to manage their holiday time they will just do nothing throughout the day. Sleep-eat-fight-TV-face book-tumblr-manga-games-and repeat....not to mention the sink will be full of dirty dishes and the house will be messy beyond your imagination. It's not so much of me being ambitious. But I strongly believe they should put the precious time to good use. 

And I faced different challenge from the youngest one. Due to the prolonged holiday and the fact that bigger siblings are home, it makes it harder for us to send her to her kindergarten. I insist she go to school coz she will be a distraction to the siblings at home (though they are  more than happy to have her home and use her as an excuse for not being able to follow their schedule). There has been intense heart tugging drama every morning. The crying and sobbing and wailing and shirt pulling and clinging to mommy. Everyday she makes me make a pact. The same pact. I promise to send her to the door. And she promises not to cry and throw tantrum. And everyday, I keep my promise and she doesn't. It was so stressful.

One day, I told her I will not send her to school anymore. Mr O will send her instead.
"Why ummi?"
"Coz everyday u promised me not to cry, but u break your promise"
"Oh it's OK ummi. Don't worry. I can glue back my broken promise and it will be alright" (with a sheepish grin)
Thank god Ms Loyar Buruk Drama Queen finally come to her senses few days ago. So the morning trip to school is back to normal.

I promised the kids that if they follow their schedule diligently, I will spend one day during the week with them. Do some fun stuffs like excursion or trip. Well, they have not been diligent. But it was not that bad either. So I thought, okay...maybe just do it to motivate them. So on Wednesday I brought the kids to the National Science Center. There is a Science Festival going on from 3rd-11th December.
 There are lots of things going on.
Kids kept comparing with Singapore's Science Centre. Well....even though ours are not as good as our neighbour's, I seriously think it's not bad. And the kids did have fun.
There are 2 exhibitions going on. The Dinosaur and Robotic show. They are not free. We went to both and I personally felt it's a rip off. Don't think it's worth the money. The dinosaur show is just replicas of less than 10 dinosaurs with some sounds and some movements. Could have been much better.
The robotic, or actroid was another let down. It's basically the history of the development of robots and the robot itself. Babbling some scripted dialogue again and again. I won't be whining if it's FOC. Since I am paying, I did expect a bit more. Maybe I expect too much ;)
But I wouldn't recommend these 2 shows. I think the free stuffs are more than enough to occupy your kids. If u r looking for activities for the kids, do check it out.

Meanwhile, life goes on. The whining is getting lesser. Some seem to get the hang of it better than others. Some still needs to be knocked on the head. Whatever it is, I will P-E-R-S-E-V-E-R-E ;-)
A hand phone pouch. One of the products of Hajar's early attempt in learning crochet. 

Things like this convince me the schedule is the "right" thing to do. At least they are doing something. Still a long way to go, but considering she is a self learned beginner, ummi thinks Ms Hajar deserve a pat on the back ;-) Enjoy your weekend people!!

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