Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Give a gift day.

Few days ago, I found this note on my fridge. And somebody even marked it on the calendar.

I can always count on Hajar to come up with ideas like that. Every year, on 21st December it will be "Give a Gift Day" in our house. GAG I wish :P

It started last year. Everybody will have to give a present to each of the family members. Definitely influenced by Xmas. I relented because I thought it would be a nice family tradition. A random day to give. No celebration. Just a random day to make somebody happy ;) Besides, it's a noble excuse for me to shop....hahahahaha.

Last  year, the response was lukewarm. Not everybody think it's a great idea. (READ; the 2 men in the house...booohooo!!) And most of the gifts were their art & craft work. This year, they had their pocket money. So they have been thinking and shopping for the past 2 weeks. It was quite nice actually. Coz it makes each of them think about the respective person.
"What does Luqman like?"
"What makes Emily happy?"
"What should I get for abah??"

So tonight, after dinner, they exchanged gifts. Everybody participates...except Medina who only received gifts...and Mr O who still think it's a silly idea...such an anti climax right??? :P

You should listen to the squeals and giggles from the girls. I never see them so happy. Actually most of the gifts were cheap stuffs..(READ: Daiso)...coz they don't have much money to begin with. But I guess it's the thoughts that count ;)

So let's see what's everybody is getting ;)
Luqman's stuffs. The novel was actually sponsored by dearest Mak Lang :) He has been eyeing for it for quite some time, but holding back because it's so expensive. So big brother is pretty excited. Went in to his room straight away to start reading.
Hajar's stuffs. A needle felting starter kit from me & a skeleton necklace from Luqman. She has been nagging  me for the starter kit for agesss.
And she wasted no time to get started.
Tadaaa.....the product after 1 hour of poking needles. A bear brooch ;)
 Medina's stuffs
And coincidentally, she had her Xmas celebration at school today.
And we got a bit carried away over the weekend and bought her this.
Ahaksssss.....and now she has Buzz, Rex, alien & pig to join Woody & the gang. To be honest, the happiest person was not Medina. Mr O has been playing with the toys for days. Childhood deprivation...hahahaha.
Then Little Missy told me...oh I wish I have Slinky and Mr & Mrs Potato Head too....aiyoyoyo!!! :P

Emily's stuffs
I hope the excitement will translate to some delicious dishes. What's for breakfast tomorrow Emily??? ;)
Despite being such a "good sport", Mr O still got some stuffs. Next year, please start giving okayyyyyy??? :P
  Hajar bought me a plate rack. Yeah...I like functional thing. And it's only $5 ;)
So I guess maybe we should continue the tradition next year?? aye?? It's the time to be jolly ;)

Merry Xmas ;)

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