Tuesday, December 20, 2011

So we have decided to do both.

Talking to the homeschooler's parents are really inspiring. Thanks to the internet, access to people knows no boundaries. And it's more inspiring to see the product of homeschooling. I started rethinking about homeschooling after I stumbled upon this kid's blog. He's 12yo. He writes in Malay and English. I am impressed by the depth of his research on each subject that he wrote and his passion on the subject matter. Then I get connected with the homeschooler's network on facebook. And I stumbled upon more inspiring blogs. Like 13yo Karen who is pursuing baking and cake decorating seriously. And 15yo Amrita who is chasing her dream to go to Nashville to attend the 41st CMA Music Festival next year.

Finding your passion, chasing your dream and living life to the fullest are luxuries that many people are deprived of. Many of us are still stuck in the rut. Dragging ourselves every morning to go to work on the pretext of earning money for a living. Ironically, we hardly live our life. Coz to most of us, life is work and work is life. So reading about these passionate fearless youngsters are very refreshing to me.

So last week, while I was really gung-ho on homeschooling everybody, I did few things to get into the mood....to get the feel of it...hahahaha...excusessss :)

A long overdue visit to BookXcess. Mr O has banned me from buying books coz we literally have no more space for new books. The bookshelves are overflowing with books. And I am too possessive to give away any books. So until we officially get the next door unit, break the wall and have more space for books, I "legally" cannot buy anymore. BUT I was thinking to myself...to homeschool, I must at least have some resources right??? RIGHT??? Okay...maybe just check it out...just look see look see...
And maybe buy a few...hahahaha. But seriously, it's so difficult to resist. Those hard cover Kingfisher's encyclopedia are selling at $11+ each. Don't u think it's insanely irresistible??

Then I brought the kids to the National Museum. It's one of those once a week excursion promise.
Entry fees to the museum is darn cheap. Free for kids 12yo and below. $2 for adult. There is also Orang Asli Craft Museum next to the National Museum. Entry is free of charge.
I love history. So I naively thought....okay...maybe this will be interesting to the kids. Kinda stuff that u do when u homeschool your kids. Right? How can u not love history??

I actually enjoyed the trip. But I have learnt a few lessons too.

Lesson #1
Some kids are probably too small to appreciate the museum.
The one who found counting pebbles was more interesting than scouring old artifacts.
Or dancing to the beat of orang asli's music.

Lesson #2
Some kids found history interesting.
Especially if there is quiz or any competitions
With attractive prizes which gives her the opportunity to hone her competitiveness.

Lesson #3
Some kids are really not into history (AT ALL!!!)
The one who was forced to watch the documentary and trying in vain and was probably thinking "when is this going to end???"

And suddenly colouring with his baby sister looked way more interesting than understanding history.
And he thinks Hang Tuah need some style make over :P
Lesson #4
And some kids found it really torturing.
The one who got frustrated with the quiz and started wailing. Can u believe it?? She wailed in a museum. I was horrified. To say the least. Breathe....in.....breath.....out :P

So after the trip, I need some therapy to get back my sanity. Hot latte, pastries and yummy gelato will do.
So the whole week was spent on scouring the internet, talking to people, digesting the information on the options available, reflecting on our limitations and capabilities and a few days of istikharah prayers. Finally, we have decided to do both. Homeschooling & schooling.
Hajar, her BFFs (Arina & Najiya) & her fellow stompers after their performance in 1Utama last Friday. 

Watching her performed with her friends made me realized she really thrives in a competitive environment. So we decided that Luqman & Hajar will continue schooling in their current school while Emily will be home schooling. And Medina will be enrolled in her new kindergarten. We finally chose her kindergarten. Little Missy thinks it's awesome. She was totally sold after seeing the iguanas and parrots in the school compound. Okay...there goes my dream to put her in an Islamic kindy...pooofff!!! ;( So ummi has to work harder to supplement the Islamic bits at home.

I really want to finish my research and submit my PhD thesis next year. Looking at my current progress, it will be an uphill task to accomplish. So I figure the most I probably can handle to homeschool is one child. If it works with one child, maybe I can proceed with the rest. We'll see. I don't know how long will Emily be homeschooled. But we will go with the flow.

One thing at a time. Que sera sera....


  1. Haslinda
    Just go with the flow. Since the decision is made from the heart, things will go well.

  2. Thanks Wen Li. Need all the luck & encouragements. Hopefully I won't go bonkus...ha3. Hope things are well with u n family.

  3. aha, i really learn a lot from the list. :)) thanks for sharing.