Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Twin of Faith 2011

It was a 2 days conference organized by Mercy Mission Malaysia. I was so looking forward to it. And as always, my enthusiasm was not shared by others....hahahaha....but I managed to drag the whole family to the event.
Some were more willing than others. Some were wishing they were under the blanket enjoying their weekend in lala land. On the way to PICC, I have to bear with the grunts and the whines...

"What's this event ummi?"
"What is it again? Hahhh??? 2 days of lecture??? Whaaaaatttt???"
"When is it going to finish? 10pm??? Whaaaaattttt????"
And REPEAT the question again. And again. In a very sleepy grumpy cranky voice tone. Ahaksss....

Registration counter.
The plenary theatre. I was told there were close to 4000 participants. Yeah!! Malaysia Boleh!!! :)

There were lectures and workshops. The speakers line up makes me dizzy with excitement....hahahaha.

Personally, from my very limited experience attending religious lectures, I have always prefer foreign speakers. I can relate to them. Their speech have substance and structure. There is introduction, content, and conclusion. Not some random babbling that halfway through the lecture I will be wondering..."what was the topic again???" They are good in public speaking. They keep to their time. They don't go on and on with the introduction and then rush their content coz they are running out of time. They know how to get your attention. They sandwiched their lecture with some witty jokes. Jokes that me and my kids can understand. And get it. Not lame jokes that u can never understand. They speak with passion. They inspire u. Not monotonous that u struggle to stay awake. Don't get me wrong. There are a few local scholars that I can relate to, but very2 few.

Luqman was so inspired by Syeikh Hussein Yee. The fact that the syeikh inspired my 14yo son, and makes him look forward to another lecture by the syeikh, makes me very2 happy ;) More local scholars should learn how to talk from him. Sharing some great stuffs from the syeikh.
"If you follow the majority, the majority will lead you away from the path of Allah."
"ISLAM=I Shall Love All Mankind"....Neat huh??? :)
"The sources of our knowledge should be the Holy Quran and Sunnah. We r ahli sunnah wal jamaah NOT ahli sunnah wal bida'ah wal jamaah"
Syeikh Hussain Yee elaborated a lot on the importance of seeking knowledge from the source. Every household should at least have the Sahih Bukhari & Sahih Muslim. Okay...let's go book shopping again :)

The workshops. I attended Dr Harlina's session. Such an inspiring lecture.

There is no better way to start your Sunday morning than listening to someone so inspirational. She spoke about women from the eyes of Allah, the eyes of man, the current perception, global women issues...I wish I can share all but there were just too many. Some of the gems that she shared in her lecture; 

5 questions that u must ask yourself. And must teach your kids to ask themselves esp at adolescent stage- the stage of finding meaning in life and finding your purpose in life.
1. Who am I?
2. Who created me? (Al-Hujurat;13)
3. What's the purpose of my existence? (Az-Zariyat: 56 & Al-Anam; 165)
4. Why am I here? (Al-Anam; 162-163)
5. Where will I go after my death?
Submission to Allah is our focus. Women never submit to men. U don't belong to your husband. U don't wear hijab bcoz of men. If u do, then u r not doing it right. U can have the worst man as your husband (think Asiah & Firaun) OR have no husband (think Maryam), u still can be the best woman in the eyes of Allah. OR u can have the best man as your husband (think the wife of Prophet Lut a.s and Nuh a.s), and u still end up so screwed. So your worth is not defined by men. Men is just your ticket to jannah. Whoaaaa...!! I like that so much...that's TRUE feminism ;)

Somebody asked her during FAQ...how do u juggle? Considering she's doing so many things. And she actually anticipated the question. Her reply; "If I am a man, would u ask me how do I juggle?" We seldom questions a man how he juggles life, career and family. But that's the favorite question being asked when u confronted a successful career woman. She eventually answered. She decides what she wants to do with ther 24hours. And she believes her family is her strength NOT her liabilities. If we keep giving family and kids as excuses for not doing this and that...then think again. It's all in the mind. How others perceive u depends on how u perceive yourself. Women is like the sun, u energizes people around u.

And she gave advice to all the single ladies out there. Although u don't need a man to attain jannah, and u don't need a man to be the best and reach your maximum potential, don't close your heart to man. Allah has promised for every toyyibat, He will send a toyyibin. SO pray and believe He will grant u the toyyibin :)

They also provide facilities to accomodate the families. Mother's room. For those with babies and toddlers. And u can follow the lecture live from the room.
Kid's Zone. For the young ones. There are ample activities to occupy them.

The performers were awesome. By the end of Day 1, kids officially proclaimed themselves as huge fan of Boona Mohammed, Muslim Belal & Abdullah Rolle.

Boona Mohammed rapping Heroes.

The lyrics were so profound. Few speakers talk about this issue. Muslims don't need fictional heroes coz we have so many great true heroes. The only question is whether we know them, and whether we educate our kids about this heroes.
Muslim Belal.

Seriously this dude is awesome. He didn't write down his song. He get inspired with stuffs around him, come up with the song and just memorized it. His first performance was about his journey to Islam. How a 19yo Jamaican boy from London embraced Islam. As he was rapping about it, my kids were in awe. They think British accent sounds so cool and intelligent. By the time he reached the part "my momma says her syahadah" I was in tears.....sniff2...excuse me...it's my momma's hormone.....hahahaha.

On the 2nd day, in response to a request, he spontaneously rapped about woman.
‎"Walking with the black veil, talking with the low voice, she got no smell, ....her beauty is amazing, but she doesn't want it public...she wears flats, cos the heels bring attention, she must be the one my book used to mention, she doesn't wear make-up, her face is clear, and her eye brows have not been frayed for a year, she got a head full of knowledge, and her heart is full of flair, eyes full of love, and hands full of care...

Ain't that wicked???? I LOVE it to bitsssss. Still makes me smile everytime I listen to it. And it was so obvious he was so shy reciting it..which makes him look so cute ;) I hope he works on the piece and make it a full song. Such an inspiring song for little girls and teenagers. The great Muslim woman ;)

And fittingly, Sheikh Alaa ElSayed talked about the exemplary women of the past. The relationship between husband and wife. Like Khadijah r.a and Rasulullah. The first thing Rasulullah did after he received the message from Jibrail was to run to his wife.

So the syeikh jokingly asked.."In moment of needs, does your husband run to u? OR run away from u??" I can't help laughing coz I can visualize how when he's stressed, Mr O will slowly withdraw while politely telling me "I need my space, babe!!"....wakakaka :-) Yeah2...got to improve myself....ahaksssss.

The syeikh made me see Khadijah in a very different perspective. She supported Rasulullah from every aspects; physically, financially and mentally. It makes me think...coz we "the liberated woman" of today always complain when men earn less than us. We start to look down on them coz it's not the norm. But Khadijah was a very wealthy woman. And beautiful. And influential. And she never once look down on the husband. Always have faith in him. And she's the one who asked his hand in marriage. And that's why she's the woman Rasulullah love most. Masyaallah ;)

Similar goes to the relationship of father & daughter. Like Rasulullah & Fatimah. Does your kids run to u ? OR run away from u? :) And how relating the stories of Aishah and Rasullullah teach us a lot about how woman can be angry or jealous to the husband but still obedient. His end note was so inspiring. Be like this women. Khadijah. Fatimah. Aishah. Sumayyah. Dress like them. Behave like them. Be with them in jannah!!

Kids have been good. It was not all smooth sailing. I was stressed. Need to learn to chill. Not to sweat on small stuffs. But generally, they have been good. It was a long day. Understandably, some will be tired and cranky.
Playing chess during break. And woot2!! Did u notice somebody in hijab??? Yeahhh!!!...Ms Hajar has decided that the time has finally come for her to be officially a hijabi. And I am over the moon :) Pray with me she will istiqamah and stand proud to be a Muslim woman who uphold Allah's words and do it solely for the purpose of pleasing her Creator.
I have always been greatly indebted to the late Mr Job. I used to bring so many things to occupy my kids. Books, drawing stuffs, computer to play movies etc etc etc. And I still can't get them occupied throughout. With the ipad, all I need is a power point to recharge. The ipad has been so helpful in keeping Medina occupied throughout long prayers like terawih and long lectures like this. It has been a marathon of Rapunzel-Toy Story-Gnome & Juliet for 2 days. The thingy has been efficient enough to occupy her and let me follow almost all the lectures "in peace" from the plenary theatre. Whatever that works ;)

And Little Missy found the theme tune so catchy that she will be dancing to the tunes everytime they played it. First We Need the Love by Zain Bikha. In fact, at times, I have to restrained her coz she get so excited and started doing some break dance move. Erkkkk!! Not here okay??? :P

So overall, the event was great. In fact, it was better than great. At the end of the day, Mercy Mission raised $RM1.9 million for their Madinah project. Medina was very excited everytime her name was mentioned when Syeikh Tawfique Chowdury was explaining about the Madinah project. Please excuse her vanity ;)

While we were driving home after day 1, tired and sleepy, I can hear Luqman talking to Medina about the "one"ness of God...recapping some points from the lectures...trying to explain to his little sister the concept...etc etc etc. And he told me, I want to go again tomorrow. I smiled quietly. That makes my day.


  1. Great review on TOF! TOF was awesome and cool and I really wish to attend such event again :)

  2. Salam, just wanna say: great review. u really made me feel I was there again :)

  3. thank you.. makes me miss TOF sooo much :')

  4. the good news is I heard there will be TOF 2012 ;)

  5. Alhamdulillah..ToF really help me to better muslim :)

  6. Assalamualaikum..mintak share di fb. :)

  7. salam, i stumbled upon your blog while searching blog post on USS. and started to read other posts too. this event was really interesting.

    may i know, how would we know if there is such event in the future?

    keep on writing, coz i'm really enjoy reading it.. :)

  8. saya mintak izin share di fb jugak ye.. :)

  9. dwimaya, I usually get updated of events like this through FB..u can find groups like Young Muslim project and Mercy Mission on FB and that will lead u to many others.

  10. somehow a little teary eyed reading this. good teary. i think it is just brilliant that they have the room for moms to babysit while still being able to follow the lecture. coz i really salute moms who are so strong willed, they come even with kids just to gain knowledge. but kids being kids, sometimes get out of control and they somehow do distract others who are trying to concentrate. and with this facility, n kids zone - there is just no reason for anyone not to go,ek. So, do remind me of the next TOF ok. TOF by the way in the lab means : Time of Flight. hehehe .. Great Review btw ! loved it - the ever lovely mek fifi signing off - :P