Monday, January 2, 2012

Hola 2012!!

I have a lot to cherish and be grateful about 2011. It has been a year of small, small progress to me and my family. I used to have a generic resolutions every year. Year in year out. The resolutions remain just "a list". For many2 years. The list gets longer every year. Although nothing much is being done. So logically, nothing much has changed. It was not healthy. Frustrating to say the least. To keep on wishing and do nothing.

In 2011, we have finally moved on. I might not be able to strike anything off yet but at least I have little2 ticks next to many items on the list. The little tick means "I am not there yet...but I am working on it...and am definitely on the way!!" And for that I am very grateful coz finally I can change my resolutions this year. Instead of having the same old same old ones, my resolution for 2012 keep the momentum going ;) InsyaAllah hopefully I will eventually strike off few things in the list.

There are things I would like to continue doing. Like the demerit system.
It is still working. After 8 months of implementation...wooot!!!! Even Medina think it's working ;-) Some rules have been tweaked. Here and there. But it has helped us greatly in having some structure in the house. So this is definitely a keeper.

Luqman & Hajar's tahfiz journey has been slow. Slowly but surely. They have not completed the whole juz 30, but both are currently memorizing An-Naba', the last surah in Juz Amma.
To be honest, nothing to brag about coz kids their age would probably have memorized the whole Quran. Not that I intend to brag anyway. But I believe everybody has their own journey. And considering they have only started last year, and pretty late in comparison to other people who embarked on this journey, I am pretty happy. I pray Quran will continue to be an integral part of our life. Not just a holy book on the shelve.

Kids continue to explore their strengths. And they slowly blossom. It has been a year of small, small achievements. In various areas that hopefully will help them excel dunia and akhirat.

The one who finally find the courage to shine and let the world see what she's capable of doing.
I still watch her concert videos from time to time. And it never fails to make me smile with a tinge of pride to see the confident girl she has become ;)

The one who finally decides it's time to get off the couch.
And out of the virtual world to enjoy life in the real world. Thanks to 2010 FIFA World Cup, and some good friends who are football die hard fans, he started playing football last year. As a substitute. In a winning team. Nothing much really. But it's good enough for me.

The ambitious one who is passionate about many2 things.
And finally joined Medina & Luqman as the voracious reader. Thanks to the stress of UPSR, she finally found out she loves reading Harry Potter. And has been reading ever since. She had a few great life lessons this year too. And she has been bugging me for weeks to let her do horseriding seriously.!!

The one who is going to be homeschooled this year.
Yeah!! I finally have the courage to start homeschooling. Something that I have been dreaming of doing. And probably have overloaded myself reading about it for years but never have the courage to do so. I am nervous. And excited. My goal for her is very modest. I think once u take the exam out of the picture things become a lot simpler. I will focus on her mastering the language i.e reading and writing. And lots of Quran. In Twins of Faith, I was so inspired with Dr Bilal Phillips talk about education. About integrating knowledge towards increasing your faith towards the Creator. If by end of 2012, I can turn her into someone who loves learning, I have succeed. Hoping for the best.Wish me luck ;-)
Emily is getting better with the violin. So we will continue her music class and her ensemble practise. To see her self confidence soars is priceless. She ain't Vanessa Mae. And I have no intention to turn her into one. But it's a sweet bonus to see her achieving a few milestones.
Music has helped my kids discover their strength and express themselves. They love to play the instruments. Besides violin, Emily is dabbling with the piano. Just for fun. Hajar is getting better with the piano. So does Luqman with his guitar. And I just want to keep it that way. No exam. Definitely. Just let them enjoy the music. I know there is many thoughts on music in Islam. But I believe in moderation. And my kids are fully aware the difference between good music and trashy music. I personally believe it can be a powerful tool. Yusuf Islam & Maher Zain have spread their message through their beautiful music. Probably more powerful than the conventional ways. So why not?

There are few things that we do as a family that I would like to continue. And do more. Like going to the mosque. And the lectures. And hopefully more excursions. Yeaah..those are keepers.

2012's eve was a mix of great things and not so great things. It's kinda family tradition for us to check in somewhere on New Year's eve. It's pretty nice to kick in the new year somewhere I don't need to worry about cooking and cleaning up. And kids can watch the fireworks in their pyjama from the hotel room. Sans the trouble of going out. Sans the mad crowd.

But this year I made a boo-boo. I thought I booked Royale Bintang Damansara when it was actually Royale Bintang Kuala Lumpur. There was really nothing much that can be done coz the room was already paid. So that's how we ended up in Bukit Bintang on New Year's eve.
The crowd in Pavillion. It was crazier outside. And on the street. The crowd & the noise was beyond mad. Everybody was in the mood of partying. Except us. We were obviously in the wrong place. Everybody was grumpy. Not to mention Emily was not well. And the crowd just made it worse.
A delicious pizza and a very grumpy man...ha3. What to do lah!!! ;-)

Eventually, we did see the fireworks. Though it was not from the right angle. But it ain't fun anymore. Maybe next year we should retreat to somewhere quiet. Or just enjoy whatever firework we can see from our balcony.

We started 2012 with Emily passing the stomach flu baton to Luqman. Sigh. He started vomiting at 4 am. And has been unwell ever since. We checked out quite early the next morning. It was a beautiful morning. So on the way home, we decided to enjoy the weather and stopped by the KL Bird Park.
Emily: The parrots scratched my hand
Medina: It didn't scratch me. Maybe they like me. And they don't like u kakak Milly.
I am not sure whether that is wisdom or vanity ;-)

Followed by a trip to BookXcess. Kids decided to spend some of their December money on books. And I have to argue for 10 minutes with Luqman why he cannot buy Kiss Marvel Comic. He think it's harmless comic. I have serious problem with him reading anything related to Gene Simmons. Oh well!! Mother knows best!!!! ha3 (I am seriously overdosed with Rapunzel)

Happy New Year people.
May God bless u with lots of joie de vivre. And may all of us find our purpose in life, the reasons for living. Worry less. Smile more. Give more. Learn more. Scream less. Less processed foods. Less fast food. More healthy living. Random good deeds. Treat my family with more respect. will be an awesome year!! ;-)

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