Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lost. Loot. Lecture. Lorna Whiston.

I was so looking forward for Saturday. So many great events everywhere. I wanted to go to "HOME" screening by Yann Arthus Bertrand (whoever that may be...ha3). There will also be a workshop by one Stephen McCoy (whom I had no idea who he is too....ha3).

But the little info that I know about the event excites me enough. Enough to let me let Luqman and Hajar skip their tahfiz class. It was in Urban Village, Bangsar. And we couldn't find the place. Went up and down Jalan Maarof & Lorong Maarof few times until we gave up.  I guess we ain't yuppy and hip enough to know every nook and cranny of Bangsar. 

Then Mr O decided to go to IKEA.

Mr O; Let's go to IKEA...yeayyyy!!
Me; Ugghh...that sucksss!! (actually I was referring to getting lost and missing the documentary screening)
Medina; Ummiiiiii......don't say it sucks. IKEA doesn't suck. (BTW, is this grammatically correct anyway??) If u say it sucks, then Allah will make it sucks for u.
Hajar; Oh Ina...sometimes certain people just have different feeling. Like I think durian sucks, but u don't think so.
Medina; Kakak Hajar, NOOOO. U cannot say it sucks. If u say so, then it will really sucks.

OK...Master Yoda has spoken. Anyway that's how we ended up in IKEA. And I made Mr O detour to Edutool Discovery Centre in Persiaran Surian. I got to know about the place from one of the homeschooler. Ordered few stuffs online few days ago, but had not got any reply from them. So I thought maybe we just drop by and check it out since we were in the vicinity. I was very lucky. They were closed because the owner had some stuffs to do. But they happened to be around when I dropped by and she let me in just for a while. Luckily it was just for a while. Coz if I was there longer I probably go bonkus. There are soooo many great stuffs there. 

Did u watch Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium?? Well, that's exactly how I felt ;-)
So these were some of the loots...teeeheeeeee...PAID loots...most of these items were on sales okay!!! ;-)
A videoscope. The video version of microscope. Complete with scalpel, slicer, glass slides and slide cover, petri dish etc etc etc. All for $39.00.
A microscope. $49.00. Up to 40x magnification. Come with a wooden box and key. And some prepared slides of specimen. And an instruction riddled with some spelling errors which looks so ancient and made it so obvious it's made form China ;-)
Binocular. $25.00
I bought a few more other stuffs. But I thought they were so worth it. Don't u think so?? ;-) Luckily we were in a rush. So Mr O didn't really have time to have a look at it coz I went up to the shop without him. Then we went to IKEA to kill some time coz we wanted to go to a lecture at Section 16 in the afternoon. And I went to Eduthink in The Curve. Erkkk....moving out sale??? to resist?? Maybe just go look see look see....
 Inflatable globe. $19.90
3D anatomy of the gut. Plus some quiz cards.
And Luqman think this building set will be very good for Medina. Some LEGO like thingy with remote control.
And no surprise who had his hands on the thing first. And can't stop playing. So much of thinking for the little sister huh???!!
But it's pretty cool. A bit robotic. Can move. And can light up too!! ;-)
Kids are very happy with the loot. Mr O was rolling eyes. I pretend not to notice...hahahaha. Hopefully the kids' excitement will persist. Not just for few days. Persist and translate to love to learn and experiment. Hopefully ;-)
The one who get inspired to paint coz they just got new apron. $12.90 each ;-)
After the shopping spree, which is of course are all for the sake of education ;-) we adjourned to a house in Section 16 for a lecture organized by YMP on Misconceptions in Islam amongst Muslim by Bro. Shakirit.
And somebody made a new friend. And again, the ipad didn't disappoint me. Although at one point, the 2 girls were pretty upset with each other. Both learned great lesson on sharing stuffs. As Medina succintly put it; First we were happy (coz we met new friend), then we were upset (coz we were fighting over the ipad), then we were happy again (coz our mommies told us off and made us sober and wise). Adoilahhhhh ;-)
The lecture was good. The kids found it interesting. Especially Luqman. He was so reluctant to go. It always makes me feel good when my kids rave about a religious speaker. I do hope this kind of exposure will encourage them to continue seek knowledge and get involved with this kind of events on their own. We had to leave before the lecture ended coz Emily had an appointment in Lorna Whiston.
I am looking for a class for Emily. Somewhere where she can have classmates. To smoothen the transition from school to homeschool. The assessment was free. And true to my suspicion, the teacher think she was 2 level below her age. But all the classes were full. And I was reluctant to put her in a class with all the 9yo. I thought that would not be so healthy psychologically. So for the moment, I have to rely on all the homeschoolers' field trips for her to socialize. And mind you there are surprisingly so many trips. So far, I have signed up Emily for 3 field trips in February. And one of the trips, the schoolers INSIST to join. Too interesting to resist ;-) The other option for her to develop her literacy and self confidence is speech and drama. So I have decided to look for something nearer my place. There is a Brubrick in BJ. That would be more practical I guess. Will keep looking. 

It was a good day. Alhamdulillah. Tomorrow we'll just chill. And play with the new stuffs ;-)


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