Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Art class in National Art Centre.

Today, Emily started her art class with Uncle Fathul in National Art Centre. It's going to be a forthnightly class. She's the eldest among all the kids. But I thought it would be nice for her to have a regular class and to learn painting techniques from the resident artist. We'll see what comes out by the end of the 12 sessions.

To warm up, Uncle Fathul brought the kids to visit one of the ongoing exhibition, Japan; Kingdom of Characters.
 The evolution of Japanese character culture.
 I love this place. The art works are inspiring.Not to imply I am so artsy fartsy. But it's nice to be surrounded by the art works and let your mind drift away.
Today's session was held outdoor. Paint whatever u like. Mess up all u want. No rule. No limitation. Don't worry. Just paint. It's Uncle Fathul's way to get to know the character of the students. And the parents made some interesting observation too.

Like how the boys were so prim and proper. All seated quietly waiting for Uncle Fathul's cue to start the class.
 And the girls were so loud and excited and can't stop chatting. So hilarious ;-)
Getting the pallette and paint to start work.
 Mixing the colours. Stuffs I was deprived of when I was a kid. I was green with envy watching the kids having so much fun. It looked so fun. And it was really fun!!
It's interesting to observe the stuffs kids can come out when you let them free. The free spirited and fearless souls. They got into action right away. Painting straight from the heart.
I think this boy is a genius. Don't u?? ;-) 
And I observed the difference between schoolers and homeschoolers. Emily was so hesitant. About the right and wrong. The rules and regulation. Is this the right way? How do you mix the colour to get brown? Do u think my octopus looks like an octopus? Lots of doubts. And she told Uncle Fathul her brother and sisters are good at drawing. It will take time for her to change her mindset. To be comfortable to be bolder. Let's hope all those free spirited girls' boldness will eventually rub off on her.
Finally she finished her work. With her friend's help.
All the artworks by the kids. Lined up nicely. And it's really interesting to listen to the kids explaining the story behind their artwork. Awesome imagination ;-)
 Kids queuing up to tell Uncle Fathul about their drawing.
Okay. That was great. And of course it was also great for me to get to know more homeschooling parents. Am so looking forward to the next class!! ;-)

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