Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Batik Painting at Jadi Batek Gallery.

I kinda signed up for too many homeschooling trips this month. Noob ;-) Learnt my lesson. No more than 2 field trips per week. Anyway, we started the week with a trip to Jadi Batek in Jalan Inai.
It's very commercialized. So u will not really learn much about the batik painting process although they did explain very briefly.

Look, look who skipped school to join the homeschoolers?? :-) She discovered the technique of batik painting is very different from water colour painting. Trying her best not to put too much colour on the fabric. And she learned she can only draw with the wax.
 Busy busy busssyyyy.
 Emily at work.
The final product. Medina's. She's in a very yellow mood. So all the cats were yellow.
Some of the homeschooling kids' artwork. Nice ;-)
It's nothing new to me as I know batik painting from my short Piala Seri Endon's stint. But it was nice to get to meet more homeschooling parents. And the kids have fun painting. Maybe I should start digging in all the batik equipments that has been collecting dusts in the bag and set up the long long overdue art corner in the balcony. Yes, I think I should. Shall we Mr O?? ;-)

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