Saturday, February 11, 2012

Comic Draw Night.

I got to know about the event from one of my FB friend, Angelia. It's one of the many2 great things that happened to me when I start homeschooling. Getting connected with like minded people. Bliss ;-)

Comic Draw Night is something like comic jamming. Where a bunch of people who likes to draw get together and draw. I thought it would be pretty cool for Luqman to join in.

Alas, ummi finished work really late today. Yeah, working late on Friday really sucks. By the time I reached home, I thought it would be too late. But then, Luqman was really looking forward to it. So I thought, what the heck. We'll just go!!! So we went. And suprisingly, trafic was smooth. It's a sign!! ;-)

The venue. Earth 638. 2nd Floor. Kelana Mall. Kelana Jaya. Lots of comics. I am not a comic fan. But if u are, I think this place is pretty cool for u to hang around and check out their stuffs.
We were 30 minutes late. Luqman get to work right away. The theme for tonight session was X-Men. It's amazing they can drew and drew and drew for almost 2 hours straight. And Luqman told me he didn't even realize it was 2 hours. Yeah, time flies when u r doing stuffs u love. And mind u, he actually have not had his dinner. But insisted to draw first. To be honest, it's very rare to see the young man very excited about anything. So i am glad we make it tonight.
Medina drawing on ipad while waiting for big brother to finish.
  Clowning around the shop. "Is this thing alive??" Scaryyyyy...!! ;-)
The freebies for participating. So vintage.At least to him. Published before he was born.
He enjoyed it. And is looking forward for more sessions in the future. I finally found an outlet where he can mix around with people of the same interest. Need to find more of these kinda stuffs. Hopefully this will encourage him to dig in further. We'll see.InsyaAllah.


  1. so cool! Do you have to pay for this? and what is age limit? Thanks.

  2. Martha, it's FOC. There's no age limit. That's the great thing coz they can observe the adults drawing techniques too. The only thing is there are all boys and men. My daughter was interested to join but she chickened out coz there's no girls ;-)