Monday, February 13, 2012

Field trip to Vitagen Factory.

It was our first homeschooling field trip. I was so looking forward to meet the HS parents. Kids were excited too. Medina joined Emily for the trip. Happily skipping half day of school ;-)
Welcome to Vitagen. Can't believe I was the first to arrive. The first time EVER in my whole life.....hahahaha ;)
The programme started with a brief lecture on the gut bacteria and process of making the cultured drink.

The good and bad bacteria. And of course Vitagen contains loads of good bacteria ;-)
After the lecture finished, the kids went for a brief tour in the factory. Little Missy all ready to go.
It was pretty interesting. And pretty warm too!! I was thinking it will be very cool inside the factory since Vitagen has to be kept in the fridge. Maybe the crowd made it warmer ;-)

After the tour, refreshment was served.
 What is your favourite flavour? According to the lady, grape is the all time bestseller.
  Kids drank Vitagen like they had never tasted a Vitagen before. Hmmmppphhhh!! Freebies always taste better, don't they??
Before we left, freebies were handed out. More Vitagens. And some other stuffs. Overall, we enjoyed the trip. The higlight for me was meeting the HS parents. Highlight for the kids was probably the free Vitagen. Medina told me..."It's my best day ever!!!" OK...maybe they genuinely enjoyed the trip ;-) More trips to come next week....yeeeehhaaaaa!!

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