Sunday, February 5, 2012

The long weekend. The forgotten sunnah.

Another 4 days break. A long weekend. Ain't we super lucky?? Only in Malaysia ;-) I have decided to take a clean break from work. Despite the fact that I am running out of time. I need the break badly. 2012 has been rough so far. I am so drained physically and mentally. Initially, I thought of few things to do during the break. Okay...maybe not so few...I was on my kiasu mode for a while before Mr O brought me back to reality ;-) Short trip. Long trip. Events. Lectures. etc.etc.etc.

In the end, we decided to just chill at home. Stay away from the traffic jam. Stay away from any shopping complexes. Stay away from road closure. Stay away from the mad crowd. Just chill. Enjoy the mundane routine.

Emily resumed her ensemble practise on Saturday. After 2 months break, the kids are all rusty.
Thankfully, God sent Ms Chong to them. She's such an angel. Watching her teach the kids is so refreshing. She is God-send. I will never have that much patience to work with the kids. Especially a group of kids. Having a great teacher that can relate to the kids make the learning process so fun.

Kids spend their long break doing their usual stuffs. Wii. Reading. Swimming. Playing. Fooling around.

Look, look ummi. Ms Medina proudly showing me how long she can hold her breath under the water. I think her confidence in the pool has improved by leaps and bound. Thanks to the brother and sisters for coaching her ;-)
Look, look ummi. Emily found a new skill. Adoilahhhh ;-P
Hide, seek, shooooooottt!! Silly stuffs. But they had a blast going around shooting each other.
Today, they had their first formal horse riding lesson. I have been inundated by the horse riding request for days. Finally managed to find time to go DARC again. For members, a package is $120 for 4 session. Each session is 30 minutes. And if u buy 5 packages, u will get 1 package free. Which of course I found very irresistible. And Mr O found a bit annoying....ha3.

It's the prophet's sunnah, dear.

An official hadith narrated from Hazrat Ibn Umar (R.A) in which our beloved Rasulullah s.a.w said
” Teach your children swimming, archery and horse riding”
Coincidentally today is the Maulidurrasul. So fitting to relive the forgotten sunnah right? RIGHTTT??? ;-)
But seriously, I can actually relate to why Rasulullah s.a.w encouraged horse riding. It's not as glossy fancy schmancy as u see in magazines and television. It's a lot of hard work. And it's not just about physical strength. U also need to learn to connect to the animal. Kids have 5 more sessions each. We'll see who will persevere and who progress.

Today they got the chance to help out the stable workers too. The aspiring wildlife biologist was so excited. She actually look like she's one of the stable workers. But it was a great exposure to the kids. Bathing and feeding the horses. Medina was in awe watching the horses poo and pee....hahahaha. Hajar wanted to walk the horse but it's getting too hot. Maybe next time.
Another forgotten sunnah. Archery. Kids were initally very excited coz they thought it was as easy as archery in Wii. Then they realized it's not so easy. Yeahhhh....welcome to the real world kids ;-)
We had a good day. Great place to hang out. Lots of thing to do. Great ambience to chill out. And the free lunch  makes the whole thing perfect ;-)
2 more days to go before starting work again. Enjoy your break. Have a nice day people!! ;-)

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