Monday, February 6, 2012

My Prophet Calligraphy

I got the inspiration to do the project from here. Need a bit of push here and there to get the kids to do it but they eventually get the hang of it. And enjoyed the process. At least that's what I think. Despite the intermittent bickering ;-)

I printed a few version of the calligraphy and the kids chose the one they personally like. Great simple ways to introduce calligraphy to the kids. And good opportunity to explain to the young ones about Rasulullah s.a.w too.

Tried a few methods and finally found something that's easy enough for the 4yo to do on her own. Glue and glitter never fails to make a girl happy.
 Tadaaaa ;-) She's pretty satisfied with the end product.
Emily's. She painted the calligraphy. Interesting how her drawings are usually very colourful. A reflection of her personality?? ;-) Pasted on a straw painting background. I did the background with Medina. Apparently not so easy for her. Ummi ended up doing most of the blowing ;-)
 The back ground painting was Medina's art work from school. 
 Hajar's. Contrast. Pretty creative don't u think??? ;-)
Wishing all of u Salam Maulidurrasul. May we continue to live the legacy of Rasulullah in our life. InsyaAllah ;-)

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