Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bufori Car Factory

We went to the factory with a group of homeschoolers in February. It is in Kepong. I have to admit I knows nothing of the car. Never heard the name before. That explains my interest with car huh?? ;-)

So here is some info on Bufori from Wikipedia.

Bufori is a brand of hand-built automobiles inspired by American 1930s coupes. The company is owned by three Australian Lebanese brothers Anthony, George and Gerry Khouri. In 1986, Gerry Khouri began to build three special sports cars in his garage, one each for the three brothers, which led to the formation of the company. The name Bufori does not have any essential meaning, but rather supposedly stands for B - Beautiful U - Unique F - Fantastic O - Original R - Romantic I - Irresistible. 

Originally, all of the manufacturing and sales operations were conducted in Australia, but in 1998 full production moved to new facilities in Kepong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The production facility in Kuala Lumpur has an installed capacity of 300 vehicles per year, and the company employs 110 skilled craftsmen.

The miniature Bufori in the waiting room. Not so mini. It can actually fit in 2 kids nicely.
Kids drew and played with Play-Doh while waiting for their turn to go into the factory.
Refreshments for the kids. And they have coffee for zombie mothers that need their morning caffeine fix too. nice!! ;-)
The homeschoolers. Getting ready to go into the factory.
Ms Julie-Ann, the daughter of one of the founders, briefed the kids the do's and don'ts before going in.
Inside the factory. Each unit is built by hand using traditional techniques in a 25-step production process. Every Bufori is made to order and can be customised according to the owner's wishes. The body of a Bufori is made out of carbon fibre and Kevlar composite material, which is light and ultra-strong. Kevlar is also the material used in bullet proof vest.
Julie-Ann guided the kids step by step. She was really good with the kids. But, as always, I think it's the mommies who were more intrigued with the process...hahaha.

The final product. If I heard her correctly, this beauty starts at $RM1.3 million.
 Or if u don't have $1.3 million, u can just hop in and imagine the ride ;-)
 Ms Julie-Ann ended the trip with some inspiring message on chasing dreams. Telling the kids the story of her father who have the dream of building his own car when he was a small boy. Yes your dream. Sky is the limit.
The whole trip took us slightly more than 1 hour. It was pretty nice actually. We enjoyed the trip.
Nice introduction to kids on how car is built. Thank u Bufori ;-)


  1. Seronoknya! Mst kaya kan Ms Julie tu ;)

    Btw, i like ur blOg!! Tq for sharing all your wonderful experience. Sy adore english writing i wish mine can be good too..:( sudi nak kongsi tips on how to improve English? Tq in advance!

    Ibu ank 3 ( 6T, 3T and 10months old)

  2. Salam.
    I dunno about kaya, but she's really nice with the kids. So that was great ;-) Anyway, my English pun kelam kabut juagk...though my BM lagi kaput...hahaha. I think the best way to improve is to read, write and speak the language. Mula2 mmg tunggang langgang and malu, but u will get better eventually. We r lucky in Malaysia books are affordable. Byk buku murah2. Ada byk good English books. Though I am still hunting for good BM books....

  3. Hehe ok thanks alot. I shud try the tips on my kids now. Biar derg pandai english tak mcm mak dia ni :D

  4. she was a nice and pretty girl,just like her father her dad was dimply and nice warm hearted and quite good looking.

    from L.Dreamer.