Sunday, March 4, 2012

Cultural Exchange

I signed up for a global cultural exchange. You can find out more info from here. Basically there will be 4-5 families in a group from all over the world. And we will send a package to each family sharing cultural stuffs from our country. In return, we will also receive a package from them.

Emily & I are still trying to find our rhythm. Trying to get the hang of the homeschooling lifestyle. Trying to find her interest. Trying to trigger her curiosity in stuffs around her. This is one of those stuffs. Not just for her. It's for the rest too.

I thought it would be an interesting way for kids to learn about other countries. And physically get letters and package from around the world. And along the way learn about their country too. You would be surprise how little kids nowadays know about their own culture. So we finally got all our stuffs ready last week.

To be honest, I had so much fun doing this. Initially, I wanted to get Hajar & Luqman involved too. But they were in the middle of their exam. So I ended up doing most of the works. With the help of the kids here and there.

The usual stuffs. Flag, batik bookmarks, tea sachets, henna paste and some souvenirs.
 Postcards. Postcards. Postcards ;-)
Some of the families requested for local newspaper. Need to sieve through coz there were lots of thrashy politics news in the newspaper. I am pretty sure they don't want to know. I am sure they had their fair share of thrashy news in their countries. Not that I want to mask the bad and tell only the good stuffs....but I'm just saying.... ;-)
 Local stamps and local coins in different dominations.
Local delicacy. Fish cracker from East Coast. Mr O looked at me and said..."U serious?? U think they will find this interesting??" "Errr...why not??" Hmmm...I do hope they like it ;-P
And Luqman helped me did some basic facts about fish cracker. My in-house cartoonist ;-) Luckily I have him to help me out. If it's up to me, I would end up with a boring cut n paste info from the web ;-)
A family in Croatia specifically asked me for some stuffs on Jawi. Coincidentally, there was a nice write up in The Star about the declining interest in Jawi and suggestions to revive the interest. By a Korean professor. How ironic.
And I found this interesting postcard in National Art Centre. Jawi in nature.
So in addition to the rest of the stuffs, these stuffs will go to u too Michelle. We hope u will have fun with them ;-)
 Some notes explaining the stuffs that we put in the package.  Some brief info about Malaysia. And a brief instruction on how to do the weaving craft.
A letter introducing ourselves and listing all the stuffs in the package.
The homeschooler trying to read and understand stuffs about her own country. Can u see the pain on her face??? hahahaha....*evil mother laughs* ;-) Just got to push her sometimes. Until she get her rhythm. This is nothing right?? Compare to her fellow friends slogging themselves in school?? Come on Emily!! ;-)
Packing them up. Putting everything together. And it's probably the most fun part for her ;-P
DONE. God willing, tomorrow all the packages will be on their way to California, Ohio, Canada and Croatia. Due to cost, I am sending them as registered mail. Hopefully it will not take too long to reach them. Hopefully they will like it ;-)


  1. I signed up for this too, and will be stealing some of your ideas! :D I like that you've included maps and info about Malaysia. Keropok? hmm...interesting indeed! What do you think if I sent belacan? haha

  2. Amazing! Such fun with the cartoon and what a brilliant picture of Emily reading the letter! x

  3. Martha..I'm sure yours will be better. Would be interesting to see if your belacan will ever get through!!! :D

  4. Rachael...tks;) Hopefully they will like it too. I just mailed everything this morning :)

  5. I know about the Cultural worldwide swap from your blog. And I have just registered for it! Hopefully it wont be such a long wait...Thanks for the share! Cant wait for our turn!

  6. All the best Shirley. Unfortunately for us, out of the 4 packages that we are supposed to receive, we only received 2 so far ;(