Monday, March 19, 2012

Kelantan State Museum

There are quite a number of museums in Kelantan. We have never been to any. Despite numerous time we were in Kelantan. A classic case of taking things for granted. 
So this time I decided to bring the kids to the State Museum. My dad decided to tag along. It was his first trip to the museum too ;-)
Next to the entrance is the replica of Cha Cave. One of the first sites dug by archaelogist in Malaysia. 
Picture is from here.

There were some information on the cave and replicas of the archaelogical relics. To be honest, I was more intrigued than the always ;-) Have been digging in for more info. The following information is from here.

Cha Caves is considered as one of the most actively researched archeological site in the Peninsular Malaysia. Research indicates that Cha Cave was inhabited by the ‘Hoabinhians’ 10,000 years ago, followed by the Neolithics 4,000 years later. As a result of the research, more than 30 remains of people in the ages of ‘Hoabinhian’ and Neolithic were discovered in the cave. Evidence of burnt rice found at the upper level of the cave has proven there was a settlement there. The Temiar people who live in the vicinity of the Cha Cave still use the cave as a stop point.

The  museum has 2 floors. The ground floor is the historical section. The early history, the story of Cik Siti Wan Kembang, the spread of Islam to Kelantan, the Japanese occupation etc etc etc. 
The legendary Cik Siti Wan Kembang. 
More info from wikipedia. She was also known as a warrior princess and was said to be able to enter battle on horseback with a sword with an army of female horseriders. It was said that she and her adopted daughter, Puteri Saadong had mystical powers. Kelantanese are very proud of their history and the deer generally symbolises Che Siti Wan Kembang as it was her favourite pet. The current state emblem of Kelantan has two deers which represents Kelantan's rich history which can be traced back to the popular queen.

The upper floor displays the art, craft and musical traditions of Kelantan. Wayang Kulit. Shadow Puppet. 
Wau bulan. Moon kite. And some other type of kites.
Tok Ayah need to have a break. Due to his diabetes, my dad get tired very easily. But I can tell he really enjoyed the museum trip. Especially with the grand children tagging along with him ;-)
Later in the evening, he was so excited recalling all the historical details he just learned from the trip to my aunt and uncle. I guess it's more exciting to them coz it's closer to their hearts. It makes more sense.

This year is Visit Kelantan Year. There are some great events lined up throughout the year. There are many things u can do and enjoy in kelantan. The glorious food, sandy beach, diverse culture, great shopping etc etc etc. BTW, it's quite a prosperous busy bustling place to be. Not poor. Nothing political.Just making an obvious statement ;-P
If u happened to be in Kelantan, don't forget to check out the museums ;-) 

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