Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Kidzania and an over-analyzing me.

Kidzania KL was officially opened to public on 28th Feb. We went with the homeschoolers group last Friday. There were 3 homeschoolers group that day.
It did feel like the homeschoolers ruled Kidzania for the day ;-) But the crowd was just nice. Not too many people. The kids were so looking forward to it. Hajar, Luqman and Medina skipped school. Since exam was over and the experience they got in Kidzania was probably much better than what they will learn in school, I relented. Hopefully, we don't do this too frequent ;-P
Kids were raring to go. All they wanted to do was to have fun. Before getting started, they need to cash in their money in the bank. The Kidzos. Somebody was so happy to get the money ;-)
Me on the other hand has different agenda. Paid so much money might as well make it worth it right?? hahaha ;-) I really wanted to observe the kids' personal interest. I had no idea how much I can dig in from this whole thing but I decided to watch closely. Any inkling that I can get would be good.

The adventurous Hajar & Luqman did wall climbing. I didn't think Hajar passed the minimum height limit but they relented due to her age. They enjoyed it. No surprise there. A few years with YAWA has made them quite adventurous.
While the bigger kids were climbing the wall, Medina & Emily went in to do painting.  No surprise there either.
Cleaning the windows to earn more kidzos. 

While some people worked hard for the money, some people just want to chill. The one who decided to have a break and munched Oreo while the bigger siblings worked.
In the surgery room. Pretty cool. They got to open the rib cage and see the organs. And the smoker's lung.
And resuscitate the patient. Predictably, the one that was very excited throughout the whole process was Hajar. And the least excited was Emily. I saw her glancing left and right from time to time. Probably thinking..when is this going to end?? :-)
Luqman was reluctant to join the nursery activity. Because of the pink uniform. And he thought it's just for girls. So I told him not to stereotype the job. It's not right that men don't need to learn how to handle babies. And it's not right that men cannot be a nurse. So after a brief pep talk, and the prospect of earning more kidzos, my young man joined his sisters in the nursery.
Don't u think he looked dapper in pink?? hahahaha...he will kill me for uploading this picture ;-)
Little Missy was not happy and was asking the nurse millions of questions why were they feeding the babies empty bottle. Not real milk. From outside, I could see how careful she was with the baby...hahaha.

While Luqman and Mr O went out for their Friday prayer, the girls went to the beauty saloon. Medina & Emily spent money to manicure their nails. And Hajar earned money by working as a manicurist.
After the session, Hajar told me she was surprised she actually enjoyed being a manicurist. She always thought of herself as the adventurous science girl. Who doesn't really like girly stuffs. But I guess to do the manicure and to be manicured is 2 different things. Besides she always love art & craft. Which reinforce my belief that at 16yo, kids shouldn't be forced to make the choice of being a Science or Art student. You can be both. Which also suggest that it's very2 likely I will HS Luqman (& Hajar) next year. InsyaAllah ;-)

Medina & Luqman went to work with the dentist to earn more kidzos. Somebody got really emo with the health talk on teeth and plaques. Excuse her. For somebody who have 4 missing front tooth, it can be very emotional...hahahaha ;-)

They were some shows in the theatre. And kids can also participate and act. Luqman and Hajar joined the crew and acted along in the Alice in Wonderland show. Emily decided to just watch. And the kids were very happy when the crew complimented them for doing so well and being creative with the scripts. I was actually surprised that Luqman decided to act. I always thought he prefers to be in the back ground. So that's new to me.
Kids tried some other stuffs. Each task will take about 20 minutes to be completed. The whole day is really not enough for u to try out everything. Which probably justify a 2nd visit ;-)

Anyway here are some tips for those who are thinking to go there.
1. Foods are expensive. And not really nice. So filling up their tummies before going in would be wise.
2. The toddler's room is excellent. I personally feel the activities are more for bigger kids. At least 5yo and above. So if u need to occupy the smaller kids, there are a few toddler's rooms on the 2nd floor.
Somebody was getting cozy after a tiring day of working and spending money.

3. There's a small prayer room next to the beauty saloon. And I was told there is a bigger one near the toddler's room.

4. Mind your child. If it's crowded kids can get lost really easily. Try to go on week days. I honestly cannot imagine the place packed with excited children on weekends or school holidays.

5. The tag can be very loose especially on toddlers and babies. It's supposed to be a safety feature where u can trace your kids where abouts. So make sure it's intact.

Overall, the kids had loads of fun. I was drooling and feeling very deprived. How I wish I am 10yo. Well, I am pretty sure it's not only me who's green with envy. One of the biggest hit in Kidzania was the firemen. From time to time, there will be emergency call. Just like real life. So the kids would hop in the fire engine truck and went to the hotel and sprayed water to extinguish the fire. It was so real. the water, the siren and the policeman guarding the whole area. Total chaos. I caught an elderly man spraying the water when he thought everyone was not looking. Yes, I can feel u uncle. Just can't resist;-)
Kids nowadays are so lucky. When I was a kid, when I think I want to be a doctor or a dentist, I honestly had no idea what it is. At least these kids got the chance to have an insider's view of the job scope. What a privilege. And I learn a few things about the kids too. Sorry can't help it ;-)

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  1. omg... i so wanna go!!! i mean, bring my daughter there.. (hehe, cover line) but she's just 3 years, perhaps i'll wait for another year..