Thursday, March 8, 2012

Learn from nature; Shah Alam Lake Garden

One of my favorite places in Shah Alam is the Lake Garden in Section 2. Back in the 90's (Duh!! I feel so dinasour)..when I was studying for my Australian Matriculation in KPP, ITM in Section 2, my friends & me (well...actually most of the students) used to frequent the lake. I don't think much has changed. But the place still have its magic. It's beautiful, serene and calming. Really nice especially on week days when there are not many people.

I love the greeneries. The silence. Blissss....;-)
The blooming orchids. There were sales going on last week. Flowers and plants.
 A stork perched on a tree.
 This one let u get pretty close.
Squishy slimy snail.
 Tortoise. If u have bread to feed them, more will come out. We have spotted one giant tortoise too. Really huge.
There's an art gallery in the Lake Garden.
Looked pretty empty and deserted.
 But there are some good stuffs inside. Worth checking out.
For a homeschooler, it's one of the best place to learn. Learn from nature. For a homeschooler's mom, it's one the best place to get some fresh air & chill & let the spitting headache dissipate....ahakssss ;-)

Emily appreciating the art...though probably trying to appreciate the art is more likely ;-)
Her favorite activity. Creating fire using the magnifying glass.
Talked to her the theory behind it. She might get it. She might not. But it doesn't really matter. The fire did excite the kinesthetic learner.

The details below are from here.
A magnifying glass starts a fire through the use of heat from the sun. Concentrate the sun's rays to a single point. If the sun's light is hot enough, the kindling is dry enough and the focal strength of the lens is adequate, a fire will eventually spark. Tadaaa...!!! Just be careful not to set the whole place on fire ;-)
 Collecting water sample to check for protozoa under the microscope later.
 Collecting different types of leaves for her collage.
Learning the habitat of the plants. Some plants live on their own. Some plants live on other plants.
Making sense of what she has learned on the different types of fungus. Mushrooms.
Some plant eat animals. Carnivours.
Besides the usual stuffs like jogging and cycling, there are canoes available for rent. I have not tried but according to the website the fee is less than RM10 per hour. Life jacket will be provided and instructor will teach you how to go for ‘kayaking’ in the lake. I should check it out one day.
What's your favorite nature spot? Let's hope Friday is super fast so we can enjoy the weekend. And school holiday officially starts on Saturday. We are off for the balik kampung road trip. Have a great weekend people!! And go enjoy nature in your neighbourhood!!! ;-)

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  1. what brand microscope do you use? good enough to see bacteria from water? starting my girl on environmental science..and lookin for good microscope. ALso looking for coliscan gel. Everything so susah to find here.