Thursday, March 29, 2012

A package from California (and froggy cuppies)

We received our first package from the cultural exchange program yesterday. To be honest, kids have been bugging me for weeks...when is the package coming?? (repeat 10x). So we were very excited to find this in the mail yesterday. Wooohoooooo!!! ;-)
Thank u Christina!! ;-) Here are the stuffs inside the package. There is a letter with loads of information about California from the family.
The state of California.
 Printables. Which of course has already been booked by Medina.
Brochures. Hajar & Emily were drooling reading about Disneyland, Legoland etc etc. I told them, since now u have read it, I think it should be enough. No need to go already right?? hahahaha....duuhhh...I think I will have to live with them bugging me for Disneyland for quite some least until we manage to find an alternative.
We learned few things about the family too. Things that they love. One of their favorite food.
A charity program that they love. Recycling shoe boxes and filling it with gift. 
Hajar thinks it's a great idea. I love the idea too.  I always thought wrapping gift is not environmental friendly (besides a complete waste of money). After all, not many people keep the gift wrapper. Recycling shoe boxes and filling it with gifts sounds great. Maybe we can do something similar to the orphans here. 

Brochure about the charity program and postcards.

Money and stamp. And some activities to learn more about their currency.
It will be very interesting to go through the stuffs and learn about new culture. Am making a mental note I need to find proper place to store all this stuffs. If not, knowing the kids, all will be gone in a few days time. 

The girls had fun doing the frog cup cakes yesterday. This was very2 long overdue. I promised Emily that she can bake the cake when we were learning about leap year last month. It's always easier to get her to do some works when there is baking or art and craft involved. So she has been bugging me for few weeks. But time is just not right. Since my Kitchen Aid mixer is back in action, we finally did it yesterday.
Actually Emily did it. She baked the banana cake herself. It's actually still the best way for her to learn fractions, measurements and following instructions. Zero resistance.

I have refrained myself to lead. Conciously. And refrained her from being too dependant on me. My kids have tendency to ask lots of questions. There's nothing wrong with asking questions. But there's a difference when they asked lots of trivial questions. Many times, it's just stating the obvious. It's like they couldn't be bothered to think. I think it's partly our parenting style of leading them too much. Need to undo our mindset. Need to get them to use their god given brain more. And get them to trust themselves more.

And true enough, the result was quite good. They just need to have confidence.
Of course, these are the nice ones. There were lots of others that didn't look like a frog at all. Especially when they let their creativity run wild. But the girls had a blast. With lots of mess too ;-P
I have lots of frogs in the fridge right now. You are most welcomed to drop by my place and finish them off for me. Have a good croaking day people!!! ;-)