Monday, March 19, 2012

Short pit stop in Kenyir Lake

After Cherating, we continued our journey to KB. Mr O decided to use the Jerangau-Jabor trunk road instead of the usual beach route. So we passed by Kenyir Lake. The largest man-made lake in south east Asia.
And decided to stop by and check the place out. It started to drizzle. And my dad has been diligently calling almost every hour to check where we were, and when will we be arriving. But what the heck lah kaaaannn?? ;-) I love the randomness. Laid back holiday. No plan. Taking chances and going with the flow. No hurry. It is less stressful.

The main jetty. Boarding the boat.
 Another boat ride. 2 days in a row. Very excited. Kids goofing around.
A very misty day.
 We were told it has been drizzling and raining the whole day. On and off.
Our first stop. The herb garden.
There are plants. Lots of them. I had no idea what they are. Luckily most are labeled. Most have some medicinal properties. Not a surprise considering the biodiversity of Malaysian rain forest.
One of the popular places to check out in the Herb Garden is the Pondok Harmoni. You will be served with freshly brewed Tongkat Ali and Kacip Fatimah. 
Do u dare? ;-)
The Kacip Fatimah drink was not bad. Actually it was not bad at all. Maybe I should consider planting it myself. And drinking the brew regularly. Anybody knows where I can buy the Kacip Fatimah plant?

The Tongkat Ali drink was a bit bitter. I was told. Coz I didn't drink it. Both Luqman & Mr O tried it. Although the guy told me there's no harm for a woman to drink it since Tongkat Ali has lots of other medicinal properties besides boosting sexual drive. 
Our next stop was the Saok Waterfall. Need to do some climbing to go up. Though it hardly made any difference to my weight loss mission...only weight loss ;P 
The waterfall is beautiful. And fierce. 
 I don't think it's suitable for swimming. But gorgeous nevertheless.
Anyway, it was drizzling quite heavily. So we stopped at the shelter and had a mini picnic. Though it's more like munching and catching our breath while enjoying the view.
Then we headed back to the jetty. The whole trip took us about 1.5 hours. 
There are other things u can do in the lake. I think Kenyir Lake is great for nature lovers who love peaceful quiet environment, adventure, exploring, camping and fishing.
There were caves and waterfalls to explore. I found more info about the caves in Kenyir Lake from here.

When the area was flooded with water between 1978 and 1985, most of the hilltops and highlands remained above water level, thus creating about 340 man-made islands. Before the creation of the lake, there were probably several caves accessible and some were of archaeological importance. However when the area was flooded, most of the caves were lost underwater.

There are camping sites and trekking trails too. If u love adventure, u may want to consider staying in the boat house instead of the chalet and hotels.
But u need a big group to stay in the boat house. 
To make up the numbers and save the costs coz the rental is fixed.
As for us, the short boat ride should be enough for now. Need to hurry up. Before my dad start nagging and screaming for his grand children ;-)

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