Monday, April 23, 2012

Global Screening of One Day on Earth & Sun Bears.

Initially, the plan was to do nothing on Sunday and continue the spring cleaning. For some reason (READ; pushy woman dragging half sleepy husband on Sunday morning), we ended up here. It was definitely more interesting and exciting than dealing with piles of stuffs at home. Spring cleaning can wait. It never ends anyway ;P
There were events lined up throughout the week to raise awareness and educate the public about environment.
On Sunday, there were lectures and exhibitions on various environmental issues. But the highlight of the event was the global screening of One day on Earth. On April 22, 2012, the film was screened for free in more than 160 countries. Due to the global time differences, Malaysia was one of the earliest country to watch the movie yesterday.
It was a remarkable snapshot of our planet that was shot in every country of the world on 10.10.2010. It's about how different mind, different view, different thoughts are interconnected.

On 10.10.10;
-the earth travelled 26,000 km
-26.3% of world population is under 14 years old
-there's 1300 known style of music
-260,000 people met their spouses
-130,000 couples were married
-there were 8 million living species on earth
-every 20 minutes, a species went extinct
-30% of earth land mass is used to raise livestock
-648 million kg of poultry & meats were produced
-72 billion product crossed international borders
-4 trillion USD is in circulation
-over 172 billion USD were spent
-3.5 million tonnes of waste were produced mobilized 7000 activities around the globe to reduce carbon emission
-average human heart beat 100,000 times
-1.3 billion people didn't have access to clean water
-45% of world population lives on less than USD$2.50
-10 million people were held in incarceration
-the average person has 60,000 ideas
-45 countries were involved in military conflict
-154,000 people died
-more than 90,000 people exceed their life expectancy

Watching the film captures those facts at different part of the world blows me away. It was really beautiful. There were happy moments. Sadness and grief. Issues to be dealt with. War. Crisis.etc.etc.

There was a story of Nina, a little girl from France who's taking a train to see her mom. And a Netherland boy who exceeded his life expectancy and celebrated his 10th birthday. And an Iranian man whose kid was just hit by a car the day before, and left him with expenses that he bearely can take. And a teenage African girl who insisted to go to school.

There were few snippets of Dalai Lama. One of my favorite quotes ;
Prayer alone cannot bring peace. Prayer alone cannot produce a better world. Peace depends on our action. Dalai Lama.

A Brazillian woman was quoted saying; For life to be precious, u must perceive life as precious. So true. We take so much for granted. Out of ignorance and convenience.

It helps u understand diversity. Everything depends on everything. The interconnectedness.And whatever we do creates a ripple in the cosmos. No action is too small. You can read the interview with the creators Kyle Ruddick and Brandon Litman & watch the trailer here.

The other highlight was the lecture on Sun Bears by Dr Wong Siew Te from The Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre in Sabah.
There's very little fact known about Sun Bear. They can only be found in South East Asia. Sometime it's also known as Malayan Sun Bear.
 Dr Wong Siew Te.
We learned few interesting facts about the animal. Each sun bear has a unique chest mark. No two chest marks is the same.  It's like our finger print. They are quite small in comparison to other types of bear. They have a very long tongue and sharp claws.
 Sun Bears are great climber too. A sun bear and it's cub climbing a tree to get the honey.
A beautiful example of interconnectedness. The sun bear dig the hole in the tree to get the honey. The hole was then used as a home for the horn bill.
We skipped the concert at the end because kids need to go for their horse riding lesson. After 5 lessons, some are making great progress with the horses. Some still don't like horse riding. 

The one who still hates horse riding. But loves playing with the horse nevertheless. I am hoping that he will continue with the lessons. He's very reluctant. But I have a theory. The interaction with the animal will help sooth the raging hormones of a teenager. We'll see.
Medina is still not comfortable feeding the horses. Need big brother to cover for her. Lucky u got big brother missy. But she's getting more comfortable with riding the horses. And she has been more discipline in persevering to the 30 minutes lesson too.
 After the riding lesson, kids hang out with their friends to watch the horse show.
It was a good day. And a very long day. I just feel I need another Sunday today. Can ahhh???!! ahaksss....somebody already self declared today is an off day for her.
She refused to go to school because she "think" she had stomach ache. I think she's just tired. So she is joining the homeschooling sister today. No surprise on the topic for today. They have been drawing endangered animals since morning. Starting with sun bears.

Sun bears and the cubs by Medina. The cub is using the long tongue to eat thermites on the trees. Sun bears are like a doctor. They eat thermites that kills the tree. By doing that they keep the tree in the forest healthy.
Save the Sun Bear by Emily. Sun Bears eat fruits like durian and disperse the seeds through their poops. They are an important seed dispersal agent that plant trees in the tropical forest.
Sun bear is currently threatened by habitat loss due to excessive logging, land conversion and habitat fragmentation. They are also threatened by poachers, hunting and trading of bear parts and illegal petting. You can support the conservation activities by spreading the word. Help them raise fund. Do what u do best to help out. In whatever ways. You can get more info about Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre here.

Have a great week ahead ;-)

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    Wong Siew Te